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Weave may refer to:

  • Weaving, a method of fabric production

Arts and entertainment[edit]

  • Weave (Forgotten Realms), a mechanism for using magic in Dungeons & Dragons fantasy games
    • Shadow Weave, a force of magic that is the inverse and opposite of the Weave
  • Weave Magazine, an American literary magazine based in Pittsburgh
  • Big Daddy Weave, a contemporary Christian band composed of Mike Weaver (lead singer), Jay Weaver, Jeremy Redmon, Joe Shirk, and Brian Beihl
  • Weave and Spin, the first album by folk trio Lady Maisery

Science and technology[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Weave (consultancy), a French company which provides operational strategy consulting services
  • Hair weave, an artificial hair integration
  • Bob and weave, a boxing maneuver
  • Weave Bridge, a bridge at The University of Pennsylvania, US
  • Thach Weave, an aerial combat tactic developed by naval aviator John S. Thach
  • Unweave the Weave, a road construction project of the Minnesota Department of Transportation
  • Weave of events, a number of actions and their effects that are contiguous and linked together that results in a particular outcome
  • Weave poles, in the sport of dog agility

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