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WebLogic, Inc.
Wholly owned subsidiary
Founded 1995
Headquarters San Francisco, California, USA
Products WebLogic Application Server

WebLogic was a company (from 1995 to 1998) credited with creating the first J2EE application server, the WebLogic Application Server.


Paul Ambrose, Bob Pasker, Laurie Pitman, and Carl Resnikoff founded Weblogic, Inc. in September 1995. The founders worked together to pursue what eventually became the "Application Server". In 1998, WebLogic appointed Ali Kutay as President and CEO.Weblogic was funded by Asian billionaire and several silicon valley VC's. KPMG's ecommerce division was the one of largest integrator of Weblogic globally for Fortune 1000 companies.

BEA Systems acquired WebLogic, Inc. in 1998.

Oracle Corporation acquired BEA Systems in 2008.

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