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Trading division of Insight Group Private company
Industry Website Builder Software and Web hosting service
Founded 1988
Headquarters London, England, UK
Key people
Mark Robson, partner
Maureen Robson, partner
Products WebMaker CMS – a starter level website builder
WebMaker PRO - professional level with all features included
WebMaker Shop – an ecommerce website builder
Website http://www.webmakercms.com/

WebMaker CMS is a UK-based company which markets an online website builder package called WebMaker CMS, a website builder. The product provides free hosting for the first year, which is renewed by annual fee. WebMaker has a number of add-ons or plug-ins/widgets, enabling customers to add extra features as and when they are needed by selecting them from within the WebMaker product. WebMaker is sold by the UK marketing agency, Insight Group, based in Bracknell, Berkshire, UK.[1]


Insight Group launched WebMaker CMS in 2011, having already been a designer and builder of websites using higher-level website building solutions such as the Kameleon content management system.


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