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Web Slice
Web Slice.gif
Internet Explorer 8 Web Slice.png
IE8 Favorites menu displaying a WebSlice in a flyout Window
Developed byMicrosoft
Latest release
Type of formatWeb syndication, Screen scraping
Extended fromhAtom Microformat
Open format?Yes, As part of Microsoft Open Specification Promise
WebsiteWeb Slice Format Specification - Version 0.9

Web Slice is a web feed technology introduced in Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 that allows certain portions of a web page to be subscribed to.[1][2][3][4] Internet Explorer allows users to preview the subscribed Web Slices in a fly-out preview window.[5] Web Slices are based on the hAtom Microformat.[6]

Microsoft developed the Web Slice format, and published a specification under the Microsoft Open Specification Promise.[6] The specification is not published by any independent standards body. As of 2012, Internet Explorer 8 and 9 are the only browsers to support Web Slices natively, although Mozilla Firefox has support via an add-on called webchunks.[7]


The Web Slice has 9 properties: the Web Slice id, entry title, entry content, end time, alternative display source, alternative navigation, alternative update source, and time to live.[6] The 3 required properties are: the Web Slice id, entry title, and entry content.

To disable Web Slices on a web page, add[8]

<meta name="slice" scheme="IE" content="off"/>

To specify the default web slice on a page with multiple web slices, add [8]

      <!-- Must be "default-slice" -->
      <!-- Must be "application/x-hatom" -->
    href="id of webslice"
      <!-- The ID of the web slice -->

Sample Webslice[edit]

<div class="hslice" id = "hslice-id goes here">
  <!-- The ID of the hSlice -->
    <div style="display:none" class="entry-title">Title goes here</div>
      <!-- The title -->
    <span class="ttl" style="display:none">360</span>
      <!-- How often to refresh in minutes -->
    <abbr class="endtime" title="10 Jan 2012 00:00:00 UTC"></abbr>
      <!-- When the link expires -->
    <div class="entry-content">
        The content goes here

Mozilla Firefox[edit]

While Firefox does not have built in support for web slices, extensions have been created to give the ability to read web slices.


WebChunks is a Mozilla Firefox 3 implementation of Microsoft Webslices. It allows you to "follow" an area of a web page through a dedicated feed bookmarked in a new toolbar. With Greasemonkey, WebChunks can insert webchunks/webslices markup into any web page so the Webchunks extension handles it.[7][9][10][11][12][13]


Fireclip is a Firefox addon that lets you "clip out" parts of a website and watch them for changes. It lets you track specific parts of a website in a similar manner to web slices.[14][15][16][17][18][19]


Pageslices is a Firefox addon too. It allows you to not only store parts of websites but organize them by adding on custom pages. Web site of the project: http://pageslices.net.

Google Chrome[edit]

Google Chrome, like Firefox, does not have built in support for web slices. However, the extension API new to Chrome 4 allows extensions to be created to give the ability to relatively simply create arbitrary webslices[20] of any content from any page.


Although it was rumored that Opera 10 would have support for web slices, this did not come to pass.[21][22] Opera does have a "widgetize" feature likened to web slices which allows web pages to be displayed on a user's desktop.[23]

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