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A control panel, in web hosting, is a web-based interface provided by the hosting company that allows administrators to control server(s) and customers to manage their various hosted services in a single place. A web hosting control panel is usually a set of different programs or modules that are put together to perform various operations such as managing web server, database server, DNS server, mail server & ftp servers.

Some of the commonly available modules in most control panels:

The basic purpose of web hosting control panel is to simplify the process of installing and integrating different programs and scripts that are required to provide web hosting services. After the installation, usually a web based GUI interface is made available for administrator to manage the server or cluster while allowing end clients to publish their websites, having web-mail and modifying files using ftp.

Types of Web Hosting Control Panels[edit]

Web Hosting Panels can be categorized on the basis of features in the following types:

  • Server Control Panel
  • Web Hosting Panel

Server Control Panel[edit]

The type of web control panels which are specifically designed to control / manage programs, resources, users / clients. These kind of panels are also referred Web Hosting Automation Panel. Most notable examples of Server Control Panels are:

Web Hosting Panel[edit]

The type of web control panels which are designed for end customers to manage their websites & services. Most notable examples of web hosting panel are:


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