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A web project is the process of developing and creating a Web site, activities in a network which are aimed at a pre-defined goal. The network can be both accessible for everyone, as in the Internet, or only for certain people, as an intranet. The goal of Web projects is the transfer of static and dynamic content - both directly to end users, as well as indirectly through means of various kinds of interfaces. Web projects are based on TCP/IP (Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) technology and concern the transfer of static and dynamic content.

A Web project involves many aspects, including programming[1] and the accompanying software development, Web business, Web server and network administration, hosting, graphics/design, the development and administration of databases, construction of interfaces, project management and quality assurance, search engine optimization, the maintenance of data in content management/editing systems and much more.

Programming for a web project may be accomplished using one or more markup languages[2] (such as HTML or XML), scripting languages (JavaScript, Perl, PHP for example) or even more complex programming languages (such as C/C++/C# or Java).

When hosting a Web project, the primary objectives include the provision of the necessary hardware and software infrastructure, and an assurance that the highest possible levels of availability and reliability are offered.[3] Graphic/Web design for Web projects must offer a high quality of use for persons interacting with the website.[4] Agile project management methods (e.g. Scrum)[5] are used for the management of modern Web projects in order to respond to changes in customer requirements and constraints as the project progresses. The project manager is responsible for the efficient and result-oriented programming of the Web project.


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