Webb Memorial State Park

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Webb Memorial State Park
Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston
Webb Memorial State Park, Hingham MA.jpg
Webb Memorial State Park
Country United States
State Massachusetts
County Norfolk
Municipality Weymouth
Coordinates 42°15′32.85″N 70°55′25.53″W / 42.2591250°N 70.9237583°W / 42.2591250; -70.9237583Coordinates: 42°15′32.85″N 70°55′25.53″W / 42.2591250°N 70.9237583°W / 42.2591250; -70.9237583
Area 36 acres (15 ha) [1]
Founded 1980
Management Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation
Location of Webb Memorial State Park
Website: Webb Memorial State Park

Webb Memorial State Park is a Massachusetts state park located on a peninsula that extends nearly half a mile into the Hingham Bay area of Boston Harbor.[2] It is composed of three connected drumlins and a low marsh area. Although not itself an island, the state park now forms part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area.[3]

In the 1860s the peninsula became part of the Bradley Fertilizer factory, and was used for dumping industrial waste. In the 1950s it was used to house the missile launchers for a Nike missile site. The IFC (Integrated Fire Control) and radar systems for this site were located on what is now Spinnaker Island, on the other side of Hingham Bay. The missile site was deactivated in 1974, and in 1977 it was transferred to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and work started on its conversion into a state park. Webb Memorial State Park opened in 1980.[3][4]


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