Webbed penis

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Webbed penis
Other namesPenis palmatus, penoscrotal fusion
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Webbed penis is an acquired or congenital condition in which the scrotal skin extends onto the ventral penile shaft. The penile shaft is buried in scrotum or tethered to the scrotal midline by a fold or web of skin. The urethra and erectile bodies are usually normal. Webbed penis is usually asymptomatic, but the cosmetic appearance is often unacceptable. This condition may be corrected by surgical techniques.[1][2][3][4]

In the congenital form, the deformity represents an abnormality of the attachment between the penis and the scrotum; the penis, the urethra, and the remainder of the scrotum typically are normal.

Webbed penis may also be acquired (iatrogenic) after circumcision or other penile surgery, resulting from excessive removal of ventral penile skin; the penis can retract into the scrotum, resulting in secondary phimosis (trapped penis).

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