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Webix JavaScript UI Widgets Library
JavaScript UI widgets library for building desktop and mobile web apps.png
Developer(s) XB Software Ltd.
Stable release
5.4 / June 26, 2018 (2018-06-26)[1]
Type JavaScript library
License GNU General Public License, Commercial
Website webix.com

Webix is a JavaScript and HTML5 framework for developing cross-platform HTML5 and CSS3 compatible applications.[2] The framework is developed by IT outsourcing company XB Software, headquartered in Minsk, Belarus.[3]


Webix consists of GUI controls, widgets, complex widgets and online tools.[4]

All widgets support drag and drop,[5] offline storage and synchronization, dynamic data loading and paging. They can be initialized from JSON data, HTML markup, XML data, or via JavaScript calls.

Commercial status[edit]

There are two versions of Webix library. Webix Standard is available for free while Webix PRO - under a commercial license.

Webix Standard is available for free under GNU GPLv3 license.[6] It includes 67 widgets and controls as well as 10 locales.

Webix PRO is available under commercial license. It has wider functionality than Webix Standard. It includes 92 widgets and controls as well as 300 locales. The following features are included: additional Data table functionality, saving and restoring application state, extra styling, and customization, ability to use complex widgets: Pivot, Kanban, Spreadsheet, File Manager, Scheduler. Complex widgets are available at extra costs.

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