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Weblate logo.svg
Weblate screenshot.png
Original author(s) Michal Čihař
Developer(s) github/weblate
Initial release March 2012; 4 years ago (2012-03)
Stable release
2.8[1] / 31 August 2016; 54 days ago (2016-08-31)
Repository github.com/nijel/weblate/
Written in Python
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in 34 languages
Type Computer-assisted translation
License GNU GPLv3+[2]
Website weblate.org

Weblate is a free web-based translation tool with tight version control integration. It features a simple and clean user interface, propagation of translations across components, quality checks and automatic linking to source files.

Project goals[edit]

Web based translation with tight git integration supporting a wide range of file formats,[3] makes it easy for translators to contribute.

The translations should be kept within the same repository as the source code and the translation process should closely follow development.

There is no plan in heavy conflict resolution as these should be primarily handled on the git side.

Project name[edit]

The project's name is a portmanteau of words web and translate.

Project website[edit]

You can find the project website at https://weblate.org/, there is also a demonstration server at https://demo.weblate.org/. The documentation can be browsed on https://docs.weblate.org/.

Notable uses[edit]

Weblate is used for translating many free software project as well as the commercial ones. The free software projects include:

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