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Webnodes CMS
Webnodes logo small.jpg
Administration interface of Webnodes CMS.
Administration interface of Webnodes CMS.
Original author(s) Ole Gulbrandsen, Vidar Langberget
Developer(s) Webnodes AS
Written in C#
Platform ASP.NET
Available in English
Type CMS, WCMS, E-commerce
License Proprietary, Free Edition
Website www.Webnodes.com

Webnodes CMS is a semantic content management system (CMS) for publishing content to web sites, web shops, intranets, extranets and community sites.


Webnodes CMS is developed by Webnodes AS. The company holds offices in Oslo, Norway, and was founded in 2010 through a demerger from Webscape AS Webnodes has received R&D grants and tax incentives from Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway, for its efforts in developing a semantic CMS based on the ASP.Net technology.

Webnodes CMS and semantics[edit]

Webnodes CMS is designed around semantics[1] and contains a Semantic Content Engine that enables users to define a custom ontology.

Semantics is supported by the Ontology (information science) management interface and by exposing OData[2] and Schema.org Microdata.

The CMS framework then uses the ontology to create an object model that developers can work against. The built-in ORM automatically creates database tables and fields for storing content data. Web sites are created by defining the content, and the relationships between the different types of content.


Webnodes CMS is written in C#. It runs on Microsoft's .NET Framework and utilizes ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server. Webnodes CMS has a built in ORM.

Design philosophy[edit]

In Webnodes CMS content is organized by topics rather than by physical pages in a tree structure. A data-centric approach rather than a page-centric approach, was used in their work to design a semantic CMS.

The CMS framework is designed to be a platform for building customized web sites for integrating with other systems and to enable reuse of data. Web site development is performed using standard Asp.net without XSLT. The code API was designed to be compact and intuitive.


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