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Webster Groves High School
Webster Groves WG.png
Webster Groves High School senior entrance.JPG
Senior entrance
100 Selma Avenue Webster Groves, Missouri
United States
Coordinates 38°35′24″N 90°20′54″W / 38.5901°N 90.3483°W / 38.5901; -90.3483Coordinates: 38°35′24″N 90°20′54″W / 38.5901°N 90.3483°W / 38.5901; -90.3483
Type Public secondary
Established 1906
School district Webster Groves School District
Principal Dr. Jon Clark
Grades 9–12
Number of students 1,337 (2010-11) [1]
Student to teacher ratio 19:1
Classrooms 84
Color(s) Orange and Black         
Athletics Missouri State High School Activities Association - Varsity and Junior Varsity
Mascot Statesmen
Rival Kirkwood High School Pioneers
Newspaper The Echo

Webster Groves High School is a public secondary school in Webster Groves, Missouri, United States.[2] It is located at 100 Selma Ave, Webster Groves, MO. The school is part of the Webster Groves School District and its current principal is Dr. Jon Clark.


Webster Groves High School was first established in 1889 as a ninth grade course. The original high school building was located on Gray Avenue, which was later changed into Bristol Elementary School. In 1906, a new building for the school was built at its current location, 100 Selma Avenue. At first the high school was a two-story brick building with three classrooms and an auditorium. In 1913 two wings were added to the school, which contained an auditorium and a gymnasium. In 1917 an Armory was erected, but it was converted to the gymnasium/lunch room after World War I. In 1946 that building was replaced by Roberts Gym, named after Charles A. Roberts, who coached and taught at the school for 39 years. In the 1920s a three-story section and public library were added. In 1935 an addition was completed that added the drama, home economics, and science department classrooms. In 1966 a three-story wing was added onto the back of the building and the Herbert Schooling Library was donated. The original fireplace from this library still stands today.

In 2011, construction began on a 106,000-square-foot addition to the school. Completed in 2012, this addition included new classrooms, state-of-the-art science labs, vocational labs, a main band room, private band practice rooms and art studios. The roof of the building also features a vegetation area surrounded by a glass curtain wall. In addition, three 20,000 gallon water harvesting tanks are located at the base of the building for rain collection and irrigation for the field behind the building. The expansion was built to resemble the look of the existing building, including the use of terrazzo floors and steps, and limestone accents. [3]


The Webster Groves High School building has 84 classrooms along with an auditorium, a media center, and a theater. It has a soccer field to the west and a baseball and softball field to the east. Moss Field, the football stadium, is located at Hixon Middle School at 630 South Elm Avenue, a short drive from the high school. The field was built in 1946 and has been renovated several times. It now has locker rooms, bleachers, lights and an all-weather track.


24 credits are required to graduate from Webster Groves High School. The class of 2010 and every class thereafter need four credits of Communication Skills; three credits each of Science, Math, and Social Studies; one Fine Art credit; one and a half credits each of Practical Arts and Physical Education; and six and a half Elective Credits. Students are also required to take a half credit of Personal Finance, which is considered either a practical art or a social studies credit.

Wall of Fame inductees[edit]

As part of Webster Groves High School's participation in the Renaissance Program, a "Wall of Fame" was established in 1989 to recognize the accomplishments of its graduates. To date, 61 alumni have been inducted into the WGHS Wall of Fame (Not to be confused by the sports "Hall of Fame").

To be considered for the Wall of Fame, candidates must: - Have graduated from Webster Groves High School at least 15 years prior to nomination. Posthumous nominations will be considered as well. - Be evaluated on the significant contributions they have made to their respective field(s) and/or their significant contributions in the area of volunteerism. - Be contacted to grant consent for consideration and to verify submitted data. - Graduates may self-nominate. Nominations will be accepted and will be reviewed by a committee of alumni and current faculty.

  • Thomas Curtis, Class of 1928
  • Marshall Magner, Class of 1932
  • Eunice Farmer, Class of 1935
  • Arno Heuduck, Class of 1935
  • Marian Miller Hamburg, Class of 1936
  • Walter Barker, Class of 1939
  • Eugene Wehrli, Class of 1940
  • Helen Hofsommer Glaser, Class of 1941
  • William Webster, Class of 1941
  • John Gable, Class of 1942
  • Warren Gerlach, Class of 1942
  • Clay Felker, Class of 1943
  • Robert Nooter, Class of 1944
  • Donald Conrad, Class of 1948
  • William Conway, Class of 1948
  • Paul Marti, Jr., Class of 1948
  • Donald Breckenridge, Class of 1949
  • James Gordon Forsyth, Class of 1949
  • John S. Rosebrough, 1950
  • George B. Schaller, Class of 1951
  • Robert W. Koch, Class of 1952
  • Ann Johanson, Class of 1952
  • Robert Lindholm, Class of 1953
  • Merritt R. Helfferich, Class of 1953
  • Julie Forsyth Gustafson, Class of 1954
  • Cid Keane, Class of 1954
  • Donald Hoss, Class of 1954
  • Robert Phemister, Class of 1954
  • Richard Toft, Class of 1954
  • Robert H. Wurtz, Class of 1954
  • John Fox Arnold, Class of 1955
  • Richard S. Page, Class of 1955
  • Fritz Rehkopf, Class of 1956
  • Harry “Skip” Caray Jr., Class of 1957
  • Jack Lorenz, Class of 1957
  • Gene McArtor, Class of 1958
  • Eunice Nicholson Askov, Class of 1958
  • T. Allan McArtor, Class of 1960
  • Jane Evans, Class of 1961
  • John L. Trotter, Class of 1961
  • Peter C. Vesey, Class of 1963
  • Carol Stern Soroos, Class of 1963
  • Harriet Stein Smith, Class of 1963
  • Robert Dotson, Class of 1964
  • Patricia Corrigan, Class of 1966
  • Corine Bickley, Class of 1967
  • Greg Marecek, Class of 1967
  • Rosalind Wilkins, Class of 1967
  • Douglas H. Yaeger, Class of 1967
  • David Allen Dunlop, Class of 1969
  • Victor Farwell, Class of 1969
  • Joey Ford, Class of 1972
  • Ruth-Mirriam Garnett, Class of 1972
  • Alice Boccia Paterakis, Class of 1973
  • James G. Martin, Class of 1976
  • Jonathan Franzen, Class of 1977
  • Russ Mitchell, Class of 1978
  • Scott Bradley, Class of 1979
  • Kevin S. Walker, Class of 1979
  • Kelvin N. Crenshaw, Class of 1982
  • Keith Nolan, Class of 1982
  • The Chalkboyz, Class of 2006

Activities and clubs[edit]

Webster Groves High School marching band at the 2012 Turkey Day game vs Kirkwood at Moss Field.

Students may organize their own clubs as long as they are accompanied by a faculty sponsor and chartered by the student council


Webster Groves High School sponsors a number of different sports, including football (men's), field hockey, soccer (men's and women's), basketball (men's and women's), baseball (men's), softball (women's), golf (men's and women's), track and field (men's and women's), swimming (men's and women's), and lacrosse (women's). Ice hockey and men's lacrosse are club sports at the high school.

Students ring the Frisco Bell at the 2013 Turkey Day game.

The Turkey Day football game is an annual game held on Thanksgiving Day between Webster Groves High School and its longtime rival, Kirkwood High School. The rivalry between the two schools is the oldest current Thanksgiving Day rivalry west of the Mississippi River. The location of the game alternates each year between Webster’s Moss Field and Kirkwood’s Lyon’s Memorial field. A number of festivities surround the game, including a shared dance and a separate bonfire and pep rally at each school. 2007 was the 100th year of this storied series between the two schools, and the game had attendance exceeding 12,000 fans.

State championship wins[edit]

  • 1931: Boys Track
  • 1947: Boys Golf
  • 1951: Boys Golf
  • 1954: Boys Golf
  • 1954: Football
  • 1967: Boys Swimming
  • 1968: Boys Swimming
  • 1970: Boys Swimming
  • 1979: Football
  • 1983: Girls Golf
  • 1984: Girls Golf
  • 1988: Football
  • 1996: Boys Basketball
  • 2002: Football
  • 2008: Boys Basketball; Ranked 18th in the Nation
  • 2009: Football; Ranked 7th in the Midwest/Midlands Region
  • 2014: Soccer; first ever in school history
  • 2015: Soccer; first public school to win twice in a row
  • 2017: Boys Basketball

Media references[edit]

In 1966 CBS produced an award winning documentary called 16 In Webster Groves, which was about the lives of students in Webster Groves. In 1996 then-President Bill Clinton came to the school to recognize the Webster Groves School District’s work towards preventing drugs and violence among its students. In 1999 Time magazine devoted a cover story to a week at Webster Groves High School.


  • Average professional experience: 15.3 years
  • Percentage of teachers with advanced degrees: 79.4%

School information[edit]

  • Grades: 9-12
  • Enrollment: 1,378
  • Senior class of 2008: 329
  • Student/teacher Ratio: 19:1
  • Rate of Attendance: 93.6%
  • Graduation Rate: 97.9%
  • 2008 Composite ACT Score: 23.4
  • 2014 National Merit Semifinalist Students: 4
  • 2014 National Merit Commended Students: 4
  • Courses offering College Credit: 23

Webster Groves High School is a closed campus for grades 9-11. Seniors are given the privilege to leave campus during the school day.

Notable alumni[edit]

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