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The Webster Groves School District is a school district in and around Webster Groves, Missouri, west of St. Louis.

The current superintendent is Dr. Sarah Booth Riss, and the district's central office is located at 400 E. Lockwood Ave, Webster Groves, MO 63119.


High School[edit]

Webster Groves High School[edit]

Serving grades 9-12,[1] WGHS opened 1889 as a 9th grade general course. In 1996, then-President Bill Clinton visited WGHS to commend the district's drug and violence prevention efforts, the same year that their basketball team won the District 4A State Championship against West Plains High School. In 1999 TIME Magazine featured a cover story to a week at Webster Groves High School (WGHS).

Every Thanksgiving Day the Statesmen football team plays Kirkwood High School's Pioneers in the annual Turkey Day game. This well-known rivalry between the two schools started in 1907, and is the oldest high-school football rivalry west of the Mississippi river. The 100th annual game was played Thanksgiving, 2007. WGHS's principal is Dr. Jon Clark; assistant principals are John Raimondo, John M. Thomas, John E. Thomas, and Dr. Shiree Yeggins-Campbell. WGHS's student-teacher ratio is 20.5:1. WGHS's notable students include Skip Caray.

Middle Schools[edit]

Hixson Middle School[edit]

Serving grades 7-8,[2] opened 1955 as Hixson Junior High School (grades 7-9). Hixson's current principal is Dr. Stacie Smith. Assistant principals are Dr. Alice Miller and Dr. Todd Roberts. In 2008, Hixson was awarded the state of Missouri's Gold Star honor. That same year, Hixson was named to Missouri's Top Ten list, ranking third for sustained high performance in eighth grade mathematics scores and science scores, as determined by the Missouri Assessment Program. In 2007, Hixson made the Top Ten list for its seventh grade mathematics scores.

Hixson was named for James Hixson, longtime Webster Groves High School principal. Hixson sits on 20 acres (81,000 m2), including Moss Field, a sports field shared with WGHS. A library annex was added on to the building in 1998, and a recent bond issue made possible a variety of building improvements: central air conditioning, wireless networking, new roofing, and complete renovation of the auditorium and cafeteria.

Steger Sixth Grade Center[edit]

Serving grade 6,[3] opened 1960 as Steger Junior High School, converted to Steger Sixth Grade Center in 1983. Steger's principal is Dr. Kristin Denbow; assistant principal is Jeff Atterberry. On Steger's lower level is the Webster Groves Elementary Computer school (see below). Steger was named for Leonard Steger, a former superintendent. Steger's four academic teams are Vega, Atlas, Polaris, and Sirius.

Elementary Schools[edit]

Avery Elementary School[edit]

Serving grades K-5.[2] Opened as Tuxedo School, Avery was renamed in 1916 for the Avery family, early settlers of Webster Groves. It is likely that Avery School sits on part of the former Avery family farm. Avery's principal is Dr. Tony Arnold. Avery is noted for its very strong community involvement and support from parents, including the decades-old community theatre show The Avery Play. It was named a Missouri Gold Star school in 2007.

Bristol Elementary and Bristol Primary Schools[edit]

Serving grades K-5,[2] originally known as Webster School, opened in 1869. Bristol Elementary, known locally as 'Big Bristol', was named for Dr. Bennett Bristol, a physician and longtime member of the Board of Education. Bristol Elementary is across the street from sister school Bristol Primary School, or 'Little Bristol', which now houses the Webster Groves Early Years Family Center. Nancy Zitzmann is the principal of Bristol Elementary. Bristol's mascot is the bulldog.

Clark Elementary School[edit]

Serving grades K-5,[2] Clark Elementary was named a Missouri Gold Star school in 2004-05 by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Clark School, opened in 1949, was named for teacher Anna M. Clark, who taught in the district for 30 years. Clark School's principal is Mr. Bill Schiller. Clark's mascot is the eagle.

Webster Groves Elementary Computer School[edit]

Serving grades K-5,[3] located on the lower level of Steger 6th Grade Center. The Computer School (as it is informally known) is a magnet school in the district, with students chosen by lottery. The Computer School gained attention in 1983 when it was established, as it was the first public elementary school in the country to incorporate computers into the school's curriculum. It is unusually small compared to other elementary schools. There is only one classroom per grade. Computer School's principal is Dr. Kristin Denbow; assistant principal is Jeff Atterberry.

Edgar Road Elementary School[edit]

Serving grades K-5,[2] opened in 1951. The principal is Dr. Pamela Retzlaff. Edgar Road's mascot is the jaguar.

Hudson Elementary School[edit]

Serving grades K-5.[3] Built in 1945, Hudson has, with assistance from the Missouri Botanical Garden, developed a Youth Garden which also serves as an outdoor classroom. Lisa Hilpert is the principal.

In 2012, the cafeteria manager of the school was fired for providing a child with regular lunches instead of a cheese sandwich, the meal given to students who cannot prove eligibility for regular lunches. After publicity of the firing, the cafeteria manager, Diane Brame, was re-hired.[4]

The Walter Ambrose Family Center[edit]

Located in the former Bristol Primary School, and known locally as "Little Bristol", the building is home to Webster's Parents as Teachers program, a family education and support program beginning prenatally and serving children up to age 5; the district's Early Childhood Education Center, which offers a comprehensive program for children ages 2–5; and the Adventure Club, offering before-and after-school care for children ages K-6.




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