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Status Active
Genre Web
Frequency Annual
Venue St. James Theatre, Wellington
Location(s) Wellington
Country New Zealand
Inaugurated 2006
Most recent 2015
Next event February 2016
Attendance ~800

Webstock is a web technology conference held in Wellington, New Zealand featuring a range of high-profile speakers covering a variety of web-related topics such as accessibility, usability, ethnographic design and development practices.

Webstock began in 2005 and was created by a small non-profit group (consisting of Mike Brown, Natasha Hall, Debbie Sidelinger and Ben Lampard).

Webstock 2006[edit]

Speakers at the first four-day Webstock in 2006[1] included Dori Smith, Roger Hudson, Russ Weakley, Rachel McAlpine, Douglas Bowman, Heather Hesketh, Russell Brown (PublicAddress), Tony Chor (Microsoft), Darren Fittler, Kelly Goto, Ben Goodger (Firefox / Google), Rowan Simpson (Trade Me), Donna Maurer, Joel Spolsky, Kathy Sierra, Andreas Girardet (creator of Yoper) and Steve Champeon.

Webstock 2008[edit]

The second Webstock ran from 10–15 February 2008,[2][3][4] with speakers including Shawn Henry (W3C), Simon Willison (Django), Scott Berkun, Amy Hoy, Peter Morville, Nat Torkington, Dan Cederholm, Kelly Goto, Michael Lopp, Cal Henderson, Jill Whalen, Russell Brown, Jason Santa Maria, Rachel McAlpine, Sam Morgan (Trade Me), Tom Coates (Yahoo!), Liz Danzico, Damian Conway (Perl), Luke Wroblewski and Kathy Sierra.

Webstock 2009[edit]

The third Webstock ran from 16–20 February 2009,[5] featuring: Jane McGonigal, Nat Torkington, Derek Powazek, Meg Pickard (Guardian Unlimited, Matt Jones and Matt Biddulph of Dopplr, Fiona Romeo, David Recordon (key contributor to OpenID and then Open Platforms Tech Lead for Six Apart), Cameron Adams, Pamela Fox, Adrian Holovaty, Heather Champ (Flickr), Michael Lopp. Ze Frank, Russell Brown, Derek Featherstone, Annalee Newitz, Joshua Porter, Toby Segaran, Jasmina Tesanovic, Russ Weakley, Ben Goodger, Tom Coates (Yahoo!), Bruce Sterling, and Damian Conway.

Webstock 2010[edit]

The fourth Webstock ran from 15–19 February 2010,[6] featuring: Jeff Atwood, Shelley Bernstein, Daniel Burka, Ben Cerveny, Sebastian Chan, Mike Davidson, Regine DeBatty, Esther Derby, Brian Fling, Thomas Fuchs, Adam Greenfield, Lachlan Hardy, Lisa Herrod, Bek Hodgson, Amy Hoy, Mark Pesce, John Resig, Eric Ries, Rives (poet), Kevin Rose, Toby Segaran, Chris Shiflett, Scott Thomas and Jeffrey Veen.

Webstock 2011[edit]

The fifth Webstock ran from 14–18 February 2011.

Day 1 (Thursday 17 February)[edit]


Day 2 (Friday 18 February)[edit]


Webstock 2012[edit]

The sixth Webstock ran from 13–17 February 2012 and was attended by over 800 delegates.[7]

Day 1 (Thursday 16 February)[edit]


Day 2 (Friday 17 February)[edit]


Webstock Mini[edit]

In between the major conferences, the group runs one day and evening events a regularly throughout the year, featuring both New Zealand and International speakers.


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