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WebVet is a website for pet health and wellness news, information and education.[1] All content on the site is "vet-approved" and reviewed on an annual basis to ensure accuracy and timeliness.[2] In addition to providing abstracts on a wide range of pet health topics, users can search the site for symptoms, veterinarians, breeds and pet sitters.[3] WebVet also offers users a place for pet owners to read lifestyle and general interest articles, as well as engage with others who share their interests via blogs and "pet chat".

WebVet also offers social networking and entertainment opportunities to pet owners. For example, they hosted "Birds on Broadway,"a contest allowing owners to submit videos of their birds, which were then displayed on the site allowing visitors to vote on their favorite who then won a cash prize and promotional media opportunities. The contest was created to promote health and wellness in pet birds.[4]

WebVet is financed by private investors, sponsorships and advertising.[5]


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