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BBC WebWise
Type of site
Available inEnglish (UK)
RegistrationRequired for official course content
Current statusOnline

BBC WebWise is the BBC's guide to the internet for computer novices. Created in 1998, it consists of a series of articles and videos as well as a computing course accredited by examining body OCR.[1] It also incorporates elements of another BBC website, BBC raw computers.[2] All BBC websites are required to link to WebWise when using content which requires a plug-in.[3]


BBC WebWise was created in 1998 to encourage new users to explore the internet, as part of a wider BBC campaign which included TV and radio programmes.[4] By December 1999 it consisted of articles, columns, a blog, message boards and a Q&A section.[5] A wide range of freelance writers were attached to the project, including Charlie Brooker and Bill Thompson[6] (resident columnist with WebWise until 2008[7]).

In 2004, WebWise launched a 10-hour accredited course, called Becoming WebWise.[8]

Current features[edit]

WebWise was completely redesigned and relaunched in September 2010,[9] with articles on a variety of computer-related subjects written by well-known technology writers such as Bill Thompson, Wendy M. Grossman and Jack Schofield. It also now contains new courses, a weekly column, and a large A to Z of technical terms.


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