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Weck glass with rubber seal and steel tension clips. The red tongue showing downwards indicates an intact sealing.

A Weck jar is a molded glass jar used in canning to preserve food.[1] It is popularly used for jam preservation, for its minimal look and foolproof rubber gasket with a glass lid.[2][3]


Weck jars were created by the J. WECK Company in Germany, who began selling them in 1895.[4] They were initially sold in Germany and began selling outside of Germany in 1902. It soon became the most popular home canning system in Germany and Europe.[citation needed]

The jar[edit]

This system uses glass jars (200 ml–1.5 l), reusable rubber seals, and glass lids. During the canning process the lids are secured by steel tension clips which can be removed once a vacuum seal has formed. During storage the vertical position of the rubber seal's external tongue indicates the status of the sealing.

Weck products are still produced and are available from German hardware and online stores. Used equipment is frequently sold on online auction sites and in opportunity shops.

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