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Wedding Church at Cana

Coordinates: 32°44′48″N 35°20′19″E / 32.7467°N 35.3386°E / 32.7467; 35.3386
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Wedding Church at Cana
כנסיית החתונה
كنيسة الزفاف في كنا
LocationKafr Kanna
Country Israel
DenominationRoman Catholic Church
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The Wedding Church at Cana[1][2][3] (Arabic: كنيسة الزفاف في كنا; Hebrew: כנסיית החתונה) or simply Wedding Church, also Franciscan Wedding Church, is a religious building of the Catholic Church located in the central part of the town of Kafr Kanna (Cana),[4][self-published source] in Lower Galilee, located in northern Israel.[5] It is dedicated to the weddings of Christianity. Its name commemorates the event of the Wedding at Cana from the Gospel of John, thought by some Christians to have taken place on the site, during which Jesus performed his first miracle, by turning water into wine at the request or behest of Mother Mary.

The Church is owned by the Custody of the Holy Land, part of the Franciscan order in the Catholic Church.[6] The current church was built circa 1881, and expanded from 1897-1905, following efforts by the Franciscans to acquire the site between 1641 and 1879, when acquisition was completed.[6] Twentieth-century archaeological excavations indicated that, before the current church building, the site housed a Jewish synagogue in the fourth and fifth centuries, and tombs under the rule of the Byzantine Empire in the fifth and sixth centuries.[6]

In 1901 the current facade was built, and September 30, 1906, Bishop Angelo Roncalli consecrated the altar. In the second half of the 1990s, the Holy Land began an extensive renovation of the church, completed in 1999.

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32°44′48″N 35°20′19″E / 32.7467°N 35.3386°E / 32.7467; 35.3386