Wedding dress of Sarah Ferguson

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Wedding dress of Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson wedding dress.jpg
Artist Lindka Cierach
Year 1986

The wedding dress of Sarah Ferguson was worn by Sarah Ferguson at her wedding to Prince Andrew, Duke of York on 23 July 1986 at Westminster Abbey. Designed by Lindka Cierach,[1] the dress was made from ivory duchesse satin and featured heavy beading.[2] The beadwork incorporated various symbols including hearts representing romance, anchors and waves representing Prince Andrew's sailing background and bumblebees and thistles, which were taken from Sarah Ferguson's family crest.[3] Copies of the dress, including the motifs specific to the royal family, went on sale in stores just hours after the end of the wedding.[3]Influenced by the wedding dress of Lady Diana Spencer,[4] a notable feature of Sarah Ferguson's 17 foot long train was the intertwined initials A and S sewn in silver beads.[2] The head-dress and bouquet, fabric rosettes or artificial silk flowers were used to adorn the gown itself. [2] Ferguson was pleased with the dress, describing it in her 1997 memoir, My Story, as "an exquisite creation I'd lost twenty-six pounds to fit into. Lindka was a genius; I knew she could make the most flattering gown ever, and she had. It was amazingly boned, like a corset."[5]Hair stylist Denise McAdam and make-up artist Teresa Fairminer attended to the bride, while florist Jane Packer designed the bouquet. The ivory silk wedding dress became the season's most sought-after style.[6]


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