Wedding in Malinovka

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Wedding in Malinovka
Wedding in Malinovka.jpg
Directed by Andrei Tutyshkin
Produced by Semyon Malkin
Written by Leonid Yukhvid
Music by Boris Aleksandrov
Cinematography Vyacheslav Fastovich
Edited by Mariya Pen
Release date
  • 1967 (1967)
Running time
95 minutes
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

Wedding in Malinovka (Russian: Свадьба в Малиновке, Svadba v Malinovke) is a 1967 Soviet musical comedy film directed by Andrei Tutyshkin based on an operetta by Boris Aleksandrov adapted by Leonid Yukhvid.

The film is about an Ukrainian village during the time of the Russian Civil War.[1] With power alternating almost daily between Soviet and Ukrainian nationalist forces, the villagers of Malinovka are never sure who is in charge, so they modify their behaviour and dress accordingly.[1]


Dance scenes were cast with the participation of the Moldovan dance troupe Joc.


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