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A wedding vow renewal ceremony is a ceremony in which a married couple renew or reaffirm their wedding vows. The ceremonies have been popular in Italy for decades, and have existed in United States since the 1950s, but only became popular there after the 1970s. Most take place in churches and are seen as a way for a married couple to renew their commitment to each other and demonstrate that the vows they took are still considered sacred. To some couples the ceremony offers the chance to celebrate the wedding they never had. Renewal ceremonies often take on the characteristics of the Western "lavish wedding", with couples often setting out guest books, buying new weddings bands, and hiring photographers.[1] Some of the reasons couples mention for holding a vow renewal include having passed through a difficult time in their relationship, celebrating a significant anniversary, or in order to have a religious ceremony if their original wedding had not been one.[2]

In 2007 the city of Pittsburgh, planned a wedding vow renewal ceremony for 1,000 couples as a part of its 250th city anniversary celebration.[3] In 2009 Miami University held a renewal ceremony for 1,087 couples, all alumni of the university.[4]


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