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Zexmenia hispida flower 1.jpg
Wedelia hispida
Scientific classification

Jacq.[2] 1760, conserved name, not Loefl. 1758 (Nyctaginaceae)[3]
Type species
Wedelia fructicosa

Wedelia is a flowering plant genus in the sunflower family.[6][4] They are one of the genera commonly called "creeping-oxeyes".[7]

The genus is named in honor of German botanist and physician Georg Wolfgang Wedel, 1645–1721.[8][9]


There are difficulties regarding the classification of this genus for its affinities are uncertain. Further studies are needed to clarify its taxonomic and phylogenetic relationships.[10][11]

Many species were once considered part of Wedelia but have been now transferred to other genera, including Angelphytum, Aspilia, Baltimora, Blainvillea, Chrysogonum, Eclipta, Elaphandra, Eleutheranthera, Guizotia, Heliopsis, Kingianthus, Lasianthaea, Melampodium, Melanthera, Moonia, Sphagneticola, Synedrella, Tuberculocarpus, Verbesina, Viguiera, Villanova, Wollastonia and Zexmenia.[5]

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