Wedge (symbol)

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Wedge (symbol)
In UnicodeU+2227 WEDGE (HTML ∧ · ∧, ∧)
See alsoU+2228 DESCENDING WEDGE (HTML ∨ · ∨, ∨)

Wedge () is a symbol that looks similar to an in-line caret (^). It is used to represent various operations. In Unicode, the symbol is encoded U+2227 LOGICAL AND (HTML ∧ · ∧, ∧) and by \wedge and \land in TeX. The opposite symbol (∨) is called a vel, or sometimes a (descending) wedge. Some authors who call the descending wedge vel often call the ascending wedge ac (the corresponding Latin word for "and", also spelled "atque"), keeping their usage parallel!


Wedge is used to represent various operations:

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