Wedge International Tower

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WEDGE International Tower
General information
Type Office
Location 1415 Louisiana Street, Houston, Texas, United States
Coordinates 29°45′17″N 95°22′11″W / 29.7548°N 95.3698°W / 29.7548; -95.3698Coordinates: 29°45′17″N 95°22′11″W / 29.7548°N 95.3698°W / 29.7548; -95.3698
Completed 1983
Opening 1983
Owner WEDGE Commercial Properties
Roof 551 ft (168 m)
Technical details
Floor count 43
Floor area 520,000 sq ft (48,310 m2)
Design and construction
Architect Nasr/Penton & Associates, 3D/International
Developer WEDGE Commercial Properties Corporation, Wortham & Van Liew
Structural engineer EAM Engineers

Wedge International Tower, usually capitalized as WEDGE International Tower,[1] is a skyscraper in Houston, Texas. The building was formerly known as the Southwest Bank of Texas Building, Unitedbank Plaza, and 1415 Louisiana.[3] The building rises 551 feet (168 m) in height.[2] It contains 43 floors, and was completed in 1983.[2] Wedge International Tower currently stands as the 21st-tallest building in the city. The architectural firms who jointly designed the building were 3D/International and Nasr/Penton & Associates.[1] The building is currently named after its primary tenant, WEDGE Commercial Properties; the firm purchased the building in October 1994 at a price between US$25,000,000 and $45,000,000,[3] and the structure serves as its corporate headquarters.[1][4]

The neon green outline of Wedge International Tower was inspired by the lighting scheme of Dallas' Bank of America Plaza, pictured here.

Wedge International Tower is noted for its series of four setbacks,[3] but also for its distinctive lighting scheme, which has been in place since November 1995. The tower was once outlined by neon green-colored lights.[1] inspired by similar lighting on the Bank of America Plaza, the tallest building in Dallas.[1]

The 43rd story of Wedge International Tower is home to a restaurant and bar, named The 43rd Restaurant and Lounge; the feature is one of the highest lounges in Houston.[1]

Wedge International Tower was the site of a fire in August 1993, which was caused by an electrical fault and damaged the upper floors of the building.[3] There were no fatalities in the incident.


In 1989 Exxon had office space in the Wedge International Tower.[5]

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