Wedge Island (Tasmania)

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This article is about the Wedge Island located in Tasmania. For other uses, see Wedge Island.

Wedge Island is an island, with an area of 43 ha, on the south-eastern coast of Tasmania.

It is part of the Tasman Island Group, lying close to the south-eastern coast around the Tasman Peninsula. It is formed of Jurassic dolerite.[1]


Recorded breeding seabird species are little penguin and short-tailed shearwater. The island was previously used for sheep grazing, and was regularly burnt. The sheep were removed in 1986. There were also large numbers of European rabbits, now exterminated. Cats were introduced in the 1970s to control the rabbits, and a population of feral cats remains on the island.[1][2]

It is close to a proposed marine farming zone.[3]


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Coordinates: 43°08′S 147°40′E / 43.133°S 147.667°E / -43.133; 147.667