Wedlock (film)

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DVD cover
Directed byLewis Teague
Produced byBranko Lustig
Frederick S. Pierce
(executive producer)
Michael Jaffe (executive producer)
Written byBroderick Miller
StarringRutger Hauer
Mimi Rogers
James Remar
Joan Chen
Stephen Tobolowsky
Grand L. Bush
Music byRichard Gibbs
CinematographyDietrich Lohmann
Edited byCarl Cress
Distributed bySpectacor Films
Release date
December 10, 1991
Running time
100 min.
CountryUnited States

Wedlock is a 1991 American science fiction-action television film from HBO Pictures, directed by Lewis Teague and starring Rutger Hauer, Mimi Rogers, Joan Chen, and James Remar. It received an Emmy Nomination for Sound Editing.


After stealing diamonds in a robbery, diamond thief Frank Warren is betrayed by his best friend Sam and his fiancée Noelle, who turns him in to the authorities. Frank is sentenced to 12 years imprisonment at Camp Holiday, an experimental prison where each convict is given an electronic collar containing an explosive device which is electronically connected to another inmate. If any inmate tries to escape from Camp Holiday, or is even just separated from the collar-mate by more than 100 yards, both their collars will explode. Frank learns the inmate he is connected to is Tracey Rigg, and Tracey and Frank both escape with their collars intact. On the run from the authorities, Tracey and Frank find they are being pursued by Sam and Noelle, believing Frank will lead them to the diamonds, which he has hidden. It is up to Frank and Tracey get to the diamonds without separating from each other more than 100 yards.


DVD release[edit]

Xenon Entertainment released the film onto DVD in 2004. The film is only available in fullscreen (as it was made-for-television and aired on HBO), although widescreen versions have been made available on DVD in the United Kingdom and Australia.

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