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WeeWorld Limited
Industry Social Network
  • Saw-You.com Limited
Founded Glasgow, Scotland (20 March 2000 (2000-03-20))
  • Mike Kinsella & John McGuire
Headquarters Glasgow, Scotland
Area served
Key people
  • Celia Francis (CEO), Lauren Bigelow (COO)
Products Social Network, Social Game, Virtual Worlds, Avatar
Website www.weeworld.com

WeeWorld is a game and messaging content company based in Glasgow, Scotland, with offices in London and Boston, USA. The company is the creator of WeeWorld.com, a social network targeted towards teens and tweens. The company is also well known for its brand of instant messaging and chat-based avatars, WeeMees. Which the company has released on a variety of digital platforms and services. Approximately 182 million WeeMees have been created worldwide. WeeWorld is currently funded by Accel Partners and Benchmark Capital.[1]


Main article: WeeMee


WeeMees are 2-D cartoon avatars that WeeWorld users are issued when first joining the community. Users can purchase virtual goods for their avatars, such as clothing, accessories, and food and drink items. As WeeWorld's target demographic is teenagers, many of the virtual goods reflect current pop culture and celebrity fashion trends.[2]

Promotions and Partnership[edit]

WeeWorld has partnered with corporations such as AOL, MSN and Skype.[3] Through a partnership with RCA, it has promoted artists such as Alicia Keys and Avril Lavigne through virtual merchandise sales and WeeMees of the respective artists.[4] WeeWorld has also promoted artists such as the Jonas Brothers, Justin Timberlake, Raven-Symoné,[5] the Pussycat Dolls,[6] Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift.


The avatars were created in 2000 by the Co-Founders of Saw-You.com, Mike Kinsella and John McGuire[7] in Glasgow, Scotland. In 2003 Microsoft began offering the avatars[8] for use to their Hotmail customers via the MSN chat service.[9] The new service attracted 150,000 users during the first day of the avatars being launched, with the WeeMee website attracting 1.5 million hits daily. In 2004 the UK's largest social network, Friendsreunited.com, also introduced the WeeMee to their user base. In December 2008 the virtual technology firm DA agreed to develop a 3-D version of the avatar.[10]


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