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Weeds (season 2)
Weeds S2 DVD.jpg
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Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 12
Original network Showtime
Original release August 14 (2006-08-14) – October 30, 2006 (2006-10-30)
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The second season of Weeds premiered on August 14, 2006, and consisted of 12 episodes.


The second season, while comedic, has a darker tone, as Nancy becomes increasingly involved in the more dangerous aspects of the drug world. In season two, Silas is sixteen years old and Shane is eleven. Ignoring Heylia's advice, Nancy and Conrad start their own small-scale growing operation and eventually rent a suburban "grow-house", where they can grow marijuana indoors using artificial light and hydroponics. She welcomes other people into her business, including her brother-in-law Andy and accountant (and customer) Doug. Peter Scottson tells Nancy that he knows she is a drug dealer, but considers her too small-time to be worth busting, and the two are married as part of a deal to legally protect Nancy from Peter testifying in a court of law. While Nancy's drug activities increase, Celia wins Doug's spot on the town council, due to the incompetence of husband Dean (a lawyer), who forgets to file Doug's paperwork, so leaving him off the ballot. She immediately launches a drug-free campaign across Agrestic, with drug-free zone signs and surveillance cameras. Doug and Celia share a strong desire for revenge on Dean, which inspires a brief sexual liaison.

Silas and Megan's relationship threatens to finish once she leaves for college (she, a very serious student, is going to Princeton, while mediocre student Silas is going to a local school). Silas attempts to get her pregnant to prevent this, but instead his success leads to her parents forcing her to have an abortion and to a violent confrontation with Megan's father, ending the relationship. Andy tries to develop a relationship with an attractive, sexually formidable administrator, Yael Hoffman, at his rabbinical school, but this falls apart once he tells her he is planning to drop out, due to an incident at the grow house where a dog bites off two of his toes; he thinks this will invalidate his military obligation.

Nancy's children become more aware of her illegal activities, although her sons deal with this in different ways. Shane continues to have problems fitting in at school and his friends begin to ridicule him for his sexual inexperience. To resolve the problem, Andy takes him to a massage parlor to get a "happy ending" hand job. Gaining confidence, Shane joins the debate team to get closer to Gretchen (a girl he had kicked in the hallway), who later becomes his girlfriend. However, he breaks up with her because of an infatuation with Andy's estranged ex-girlfriend, Kat. Silas takes out his frustrations through vandalism, most notably by stealing Celia's drug-free zone signs and cameras to help his mother. Meanwhile, Nancy has received threats from Armenian dealers who have local grow houses and see her as encroaching on their territory. Nancy tells Peter, and he has them all arrested.

Nancy and Conrad's drug business does well as Conrad's strain of plant (which Snoop Dogg dubs "MILFweed" during a chance meeting at a recording studio) is popular with customers, but their high profile causes trouble. Nancy and Conrad get intimate. Initially, Nancy's marriage to a DEA agent keeps her on top while her Armenian rivals were busted, but her marriage to Peter deteriorates after she tips off Heylia when the DEA plans to raid her house and Peter pressures her to quit dealing. For Nancy, the final straw is when Peter comes over for dinner and manhandles Silas. Nancy calls Conrad and tells him that she doesn't love Peter but will string him along until the current harvest is done; Peter hears the conversation with wireless surveillance. Meanwhile, Doug and Celia plan to leave their spouses. Celia tells Dean, but Doug refuses to leave his wife, Dana, stating that "she's a sweetheart" and their affair ends. Dean kicks Celia out of the house and demands a divorce.

The season concludes with a complex series of betrayals, as Peter demands from Nancy and Conrad all of the cash from a quick sale of their crop. Heylia hires Armenian mobsters to kill Peter, as she believes Peter is planning to kill Conrad after the deal. Nancy's buyer, U-Turn demands the entire crop at gunpoint. The Armenian mobsters arrive at the same time, kill Peter, and expect the proceeds from the big sale to pay for their hit. When they realize that U-Turn plans to steal the weed, they decide to take the weed instead. Only then does Nancy discover that Silas has stolen the entire batch and will hold it until his mother allows him to join her business. Minutes after hiding the batch in his car trunk, he is approached by Celia and a police officer for the theft of the drug-free zone signs and surveillance cameras, because Celia has footage of Silas stealing the last camera. This leaves Nancy at the grow house, in a Mexican standoff with both the gangsters and the mobsters pointing guns at her in a season-ending cliffhanger.


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No. in
Title Directed by Written by Theme song
Original air date
11 1 "Corn Snake" Craig Zisk Jenji Kohan Elvis Costello August 14, 2006 (2006-08-14)
After discovering that Peter is a DEA agent, Nancy quickly exits his house and breaks off contact with him. Conrad dumps Nancy as a business partner when he discovers she slept with a DEA agent. Andy applies to rabbinical school to get out of serving in the Army Reserves and is assigned to write an application essay. Silas has sex with Meagan in the Botwin house; this exacerbates the tension between Silas and Nancy. Nancy throws a family dinner that her family doesn't want to attend. Celia has an accident at a dangerous intersection. After Doug denies Celia's request to install a traffic light, she decides to run against him in the upcoming city council election. Sanjay burns down the bakery.
12 2 "Cooking with Jesus" Craig Zisk Jenji Kohan Death Cab for Cutie August 21, 2006 (2006-08-21)
Nancy calls Peter and cuts off their budding relationship. Celia gears up for her campaign with a family photograph. However, when Dean and Quinn refuse and Isabelle dresses-up in stereotypical butch garb, she opts for a personal portrait. She imposes upon Nancy for help with her campaign. Armed with her fire insurance benefit, Nancy and her team try to move on without Conrad. Craig X gives Nancy tickets to the Mohasky Cup, a marijuana convention where she buys a plant to replace Conrad's plant. Unfortunately, her plant dies. Conrad shops around for a "grow loan" without success. Each needing what the other has, they reconcile and partner up again. The Toronto Blue Jays calls up Alejandro to the major league, causing him to leave the group. Meagan earns admission to Princeton University. When Silas replies that he can't get into Princeton because "I'm not deaf," she storms off. Andy encourages Silas to travel to New Jersey with her, but she refuses Silas's offer. Andy finds his inspiration for his essay and earns admission into school. Peter demands an audience with Nancy and tells her that he knows Nancy is a drug dealer.
13 3 "Last Tango in Agrestic" Bryan Gordon Roberto Benabib Engelbert Humperdinck August 28, 2006 (2006-08-28)
Nancy is upset to learn that Peter knows she's a drug dealer; however, he asserts that, "Women dealing dime bags to bored housewives are below my radar." He has developed a plan to make their relationship work. Celia signs Isabelle up for exercise classes and gets roped into them herself. Celia begs Nancy to help on her campaign; Nancy finally relents. Silas and Meagan reconcile. While having a sexual marathon, Silas punctures a hole in one of their condoms in an attempt to get her pregnant so she won't leave for college. Andy asks Yael Hoffman out on a date. Andy talks to Shane about masturbation. Nancy's team rents a grow house. Conrad issues a warning to the group: "It's fucked up personal shit that will pop you every time." Just then, Dean discovers that the Conrad in their group had sex with Celia. Joseph calls on Heylia. Peter and Nancy elope to Las Vegas so Peter cannot testify against Nancy.
14 4 "A.K.A. The Plant" Lev L. Spiro Matthew Salsberg Kate & Anna McGarrigle September 4, 2006 (2006-09-04)
While campaigning, Celia and Nancy discover that most Agrestic residents are supporting Doug. Dean loses his job at the law firm and then punches Conrad. Andy takes Shane to a massage parlor to get his initial hand job. Joseph calls on Heylia for a date. Andy and Yael have dinner together; however, Yael does not want to date Andy because "I could flip you like a pancake." Peter and Nancy go to the shooting range on a date. After Nancy's team cleans out the grow house, a specialist installs the hydroponics equipment. During the installation, Aram Kashishian arrives and issues an ultimatum for them to move out. Nancy decides to continue the operation anyway. Silas and Meagan tell Nancy that Meagan is pregnant.
15 5 "Mrs. Botwin's Neighborhood" Craig Zisk Rolin Jones Charles Barnett September 11, 2006 (2006-09-11)
Nancy tests and retests Meagan for pregnancy; all the tests read positive. Meagan goes to talk to her parents by herself leaving Silas to nervously wait. When Silas discovers she got an abortion, he goes to her house to demand an audience. Instead, he fights with Meagan's father before Nancy picks him up to drive him away. After Principal Dodge overhears Shane bragging that Andy took him to see a masseuse who gives hand jobs, Andy convinces him that Shane made it up to impress his friends. Nancy, who can no longer tolerate Celia's self-centeredness, ends her friendship with Celia. When Conrad discovers that Kashishian has four grow houses within sight of theirs, Nancy asks Peter for help. Peter leads a raid on Kashishian's grow houses as a wedding present for Nancy. "I got you a neighborhood."
16 6 "Crush Girl Love Panic" Tucker Gates Devon K. Shepard Aidan Hawken September 18, 2006 (2006-09-18)
After the raid Conrad and Nancy enter the grow house to discover that – in their panic – Andy and Sanjay trashed it. Because theirs was the only grow house that didn't get busted, Conrad concludes that Nancy is "still fucking the DEA agent." When he confronts Nancy, she admits that she married him for spousal privilege. When Nancy reaffirms her partnership with Conrad, he doesn't believe her. "Why is it that every move you make digs my grave? You open your big brown eyes, and I fall into shit." To smooth over relations, Nancy arranges a meeting between Conrad and Peter; however, her gambit fails utterly. Peter advises them to not expand and sell all the plants to the state-regulated cannabis clubs. After the incident at Meagan's house, Silas barricades himself in his room until Nancy agrees to buys him a car. After a long drive late at night, he tells Nancy that he is "cool with" Nancy's drug dealing. Shane joins the debate team because he has a romantic interest in Gretchen. When Shane finally works up the nerve to approach Gretchen, he kicks her in the shins. Isabelle lands a job as a model for Huskaroos, a line of (quoting Celia) "fat clothes." To keep her earning, Isabelle opens a trust with Doug's accounting firm and designates Dean as her signatory. However, Isabelle gives Dean money to buy a fancy motorcycle. Yael sexually pegs Andy. When Joseph visits Heylia's house for dinner, Vaneeta confronts him and his religious beliefs.
17 7 "Must Find Toes" Chris Long Michael Platt & Barry Safchik Ozomatli September 25, 2006 (2006-09-25)
An Armenian canine eats two toes off Andy's left foot. Yael visits her "skinny gimp" with renewed interest after his injury. However, she dumps him instantly and harshly after Andy reveals that he is leaving the rabbinate because he believes his missing toes should be enough to get him out of his Reserve duty. On election day Doug discovers that his name is not on the ballot. He mounts a last-minute write in campaign, but Celia wins narrowly. After Dean reveals that he forgot to file Doug's paperwork, their relationship instantly sours. Celia reveals to Dean that she intends to mount an anti-drug campaign. Shane wins a debate over the girl he likes by saying "George W. Bush" and appealing to resentment over the Florida election recount. Gretchen's response to Shane: "You suck." Silas asks Nancy to allow him to sell pot, but she refuses him utterly. Conrad considers ending his partnership with Nancy but decides not to. Nancy takes her first marijuana hit.
18 8 "MILF Money" Craig Zisk Shawn Schepps The Submarines October 2, 2006 (2006-10-02)
Conrad and Nancy start selling their new pot strain. Snoop Dogg (in a cameo appearance) names it "Mother I'd love to fuck" or MILF weed for short. Quoting Conrad: "This shit is about to get wild!" They pay off their workers except Andy because he has been mooching off Nancy. Nancy goes on a shopping spree. Shane asks Nancy how she could afford it. After U-turn (Louis) tells Heylia that Conrad and Nancy are growing MILF weed, she goes to the grow house to confront Conrad and buys a large supply of MILF weed for re-sale. "You are a little piggy who took business from me. One day, the Big Bad Wolf is going to blow your house down. You and (Nancy) are not welcome in my house. You wanted to be on your own; you on your own." Peter reveals that he is targeting Heylia as part of a plan to arrest drug kingpin U-turn. Celia gives an anti-drug lecture at the elementary school. During the lecture, she formally announces that drug-free zone signs and video cameras will be installed throughout the city. When Shane points out the Celia has been drunk in Nancy's house, the students start chanting, "You do drugs! You do drugs!" Shane becomes a folk hero and impresses Gretchen.
19 9 "Bash" Christopher Misiano Rinne Groff Tim DeLaughter October 9, 2006 (2006-10-09)
Peter leads a raid upon Heylia's house but discovers Joseph leading an Islamic prayer service. When Peter realizes that Nancy tipped Heylia off, he storms into Nancy's house and confronts her. He pressures her to quit the drug trade and to marry him "for real." Joseph and Heylia end their relationship. Conrad and Nancy install a safe for storing their pot. Shane and Gretchen start dating. Shane is elected to give the valedictory at his elementary school graduation. Celia begins her term on the city council and reluctantly turns to Doug for guidance. While drinking vodka, their libidos kick into gear, and they start having sex. Shane witnesses Peter drive away while wearing his DEA windbreaker. While the Botwin family throws a celebration for Judah's birthday, Shane reveals Peter's occupation to Andy and Silas. Shane also informs them that Peter and Nancy are dating. This enrages Silas who concludes that Nancy has given up on Judah. When Silas points out the risks dating a DEA agent, she tells Silas that she married Peter.
20 10 "Mile Deep and a Foot Wide" Craig Zisk Rolin Jones Regina Spektor October 16, 2006 (2006-10-16)
Heylia pressures Nancy into persuading Peter to stop the DEA's investigation into Heylia's operations. Heylia threatens to shut down the grow house and even kill Nancy (Captain Till has already ordered Peter to wrap up the investigation.) With her world falling down around her, Conrad tells Nancy to quit the drug trade and marry Peter. Once Peter stops investigating Heylia, Conrad will move his operation elsewhere. When Peter tentatively agrees to this deal, she invites him to dinner to meet the Botwin family. Kat, Andy's crazy chick from Alaska, arrives in Agrestic. She has written a book and wants Andy to sign a release so she can publish it as non-fiction. She asks Andy to follow her on the road, but he is committed to raising Silas and Shane. Doug and Celia have "LEGENDARY!!!" sex and watch the video tapes from the recently installed video cameras that someone has been stealing. Silas acts like a brat at dinner, impugns Peter's motives for dating Nancy, and flips off Peter. Peter mildly assaults Silas who defied Nancy's order to keep his elbows off the table. Nancy tries to have sex with Peter in her own bedroom, but she sends him away. She calls Conrad: "(Your) plan didn't work out. I never want (Peter) to come back. I am never going to love him." Instead, Conrad and Nancy decide to string "Agent Wonderbread" along until the current crop is harvested. Unfortunately, Peter wiretapped their conversation.
21 11 "Yeah. Like Tomatoes" Craig Zisk Roberto Benabib & Matthew Salsberg Jenny Lewis & Johnathan Rice October 23, 2006 (2006-10-23)
Peter asks her when she is going to retire and marry him, but she lies. Shortly thereafter, Peter confronts Conrad and Nancy with his weapon drawn and demands Nancy give him their marriage certificate. She lies and tells him that she mailed it. Peter replies: "Take your last harvest, get a single buyer, make a quick deal, and hand all the cash over to me." After that, Nancy will move far away so Peter will never see Nancy again. After actually mailing in the marriage certificate, she approaches potential buyers. Heylia, who senses that Nancy is in trouble, turns her down. Conrad makes a deal to sell to U-turn; however, U-turn plans to steal their crop. When Nancy asks Conrad to leave town, he refuses and then kisses Nancy. Shane deduces that Nancy is a drug dealer and says so to Nancy. When Silas storms out of the family meeting, Nancy invades his room and discovers the stolen cameras and signs. Heylia visits Kashishian and makes him an unknown offer. Shane has developed a crush on Kat and expresses it in front of Gretchen, who becomes jealous. Abumchuck, a bounty hunter aiming to arrest Kat, has arrived. After making a pact with Doug to end their marriages, Celia confronts Dean, informs him of her affair with Doug, and demands a divorce. Instantly, Isabelle asks to live with Dean. When Celia sees Doug again, he informs her that he didn't break the bad news to Dana. When Celia tries to renege on her divorce demand, Dean throws her out of the house.
22 12 "Pittsburgh" Craig Zisk Jenji Kohan Malvina Reynolds October 30, 2006 (2006-10-30)
Silas has run away from home. Celia discovers video proof that Silas stole the video cameras. Isabelle predicts that Celia will return into her life; "She's like Voldemort." Still angry with his mother, Shane takes the parents of Agrestic to task for failing their children during his valedictory. At the graduation party, Andy gives Kat the key to his van; she leaves with Shane. When Andy learns of the kidnapping, he and Abumchuck drive off in pursuit. At the grow house, Sanjay shows up unexpectedly; Nancy hides him in the closet. While Peter waits outside the house, Kashishian's men sneak into his car and kill him. After he arrives at the house, U-turn and Marvin pull guns on Conrad and Nancy and announce they are going to steal their MILF weed. Seconds later, Kashishian's men arrive demanding their money for killing Peter. When Nancy opens the safe, she discovers that the pot is missing. She calls Silas; he tells Nancy that he stole it and demands to be cut into her action. Seconds later, Celia and a police officer approach Silas and his car in which the pot is hidden. The season ends with five guns pointed at Nancy.


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