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Weeds (season 7)
Weeds S7 DVD.jpg
DVD cover
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 13
Original network Showtime
Original release June 11 (2011-06-11) – September 26, 2011 (2011-09-26)
Season chronology
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Season 6
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Season 8
List of Weeds episodes

The seventh season of Weeds premiered on June 27, 2011 at 10 E/9 C on the television cable network Showtime,[1][2] and consisted of 13 episodes. As the season picks up, Nancy has spent three years in prison and now lives in a strictly monitored halfway house in New York City, where the family meet after the other Botwins have spent three years in Denmark.[3]


Andy, Doug, Silas, and Shane have been living in Copenhagen for the last three years. Silas is 24 years old and Shane is 18 years old. Shane was a puppeteer with his now ex-girlfriend, Silas found work as a model for "some flower water", and Andy and Doug gave tours of Copenhagen under the name "Wonderful Wonderful Tours" (recalling the premiere of season five, Wonderful Wonderful). Nancy's sister Jill, who has been raising Stevie to believe Nancy is his aunt, tells them Nancy has been released and is in a halfway house in New York City. They return to New York City to find Nancy, who flees in shame upon seeing them. Silas tries to start up his modeling career under the name Silas Guinard, the last name of his biological father Lars Guinard. Doug meets an old college buddy, who gets him hired at a venture capital firm.

Andy and Shane finally meet Nancy when she comes back to the halfway house from a job interview.

Jill informs Nancy she wants custody of Stevie. Nancy and Silas fly to California to attend a custody hearing, only to find it has been postponed by Jill's lawyer. Nancy drives to Jill's house to visit Stevie, but is refused. Nancy strikes a deal with Scott, Jill's husband, to allow her to use a webcam to see Stevie in secret. Meanwhile, Silas attempts to negotiate with the judge handling the custody case to have the hearing resumed. The judge agrees to meet with Nancy in his chambers and advises her to "return to those who helped you succeed... Be the Nancy that raised Silas."

While in California, Nancy attempts to obtain pot from her original supplier, Heylia James, only to be greeted by a shotgun. Dean stops the ensuing shootout; he has moved in with Heylia in return for his legal help regarding marijuana laws. Heylia is cultivating a massive field of Silas' and Conrad's MILF weed. Nancy and Heylia tentatively rekindle their old friendship.

Back in New York, Shane wins the favor of an aggressive guest detective speaking in one of his criminal justice classes. Andy pitches his motorized "Copenhagen Wheel" to Doug's business associates, only to be met with ridicule. Silas confronts Nancy about having kept him in the dark for so much of his life as to his true father's identity.

Even after their initial hostility, Heylia ultimately agrees to provide Nancy with a shipment of MILF weed in New York, in exchange for Silas's labor in harvesting the current crop, and Silas agrees. Nancy manages to see Stevie briefly at a planetarium, but he seems to have only a mild attachment to his biological mother. She whispers something into his ear before leaving. Shane also decides to provide Andy with the financial backing to open his "Copenhagen Wheel" business, hoping it will be a successful business in its own right, as well as a cover for Nancy's prospective weed business. Silas returns to New York in Heylia's van.

Shane starts taking criminal justice classes, where he impresses, befriends, then apprentices under a working NYPD detective. Nancy gets involved with the SEC in hopes of obtaining an early release from the halfway house.

Pouncy House, Silas' main competition, threatens him. Nancy makes a trip to Zoya's brother's apartment to pick up some marijuana, and finds Zoya has been released early. Nancy is forced to make love to her old cell mate. They are watched. Nancy then makes love to her ex-cell mate's brother (Demetri). She is not allowed to leave with the drugs she came to pick up.

Following the SEC investigator's instructions, Nancy allows herself to be wired and goes on a date with the CEO of Doug's company. She takes him home. Silas is there with Zoya's brother, who has delivered the weed. Zoya shows up and ostentatiously kisses Nancy. Nancy, not wanting the SEC agents to hear the details of her drug business, tries to muffle the mic with a pillow and loud music, then makes a fast retreat back to the CEO's home and sleeps with him. Nancy informs the CEO that she was wearing a wire for the SEC. The CEO flees and Nancy promptly sets fire to his home, knowing Zoya's history of arson and prior threats to the CEO will make her the prime suspect. The SEC agents meet with Nancy, threatening to throw her back in jail. Doug saves the day when he demands that the agents let everything slide, because their pension funds are tied to the CEO's company. The chief agent buys weed from Nancy. Zoya, fearing new criminal charges, flees to Vermont to realize her dream of starting a pet boarding facility. With Zoya out of the way, Nancy again sets to selling drugs, using Doug's corporate position to give herself leverage against their main competition, Pouncy House Party Rentals.

Under the pretext of updating a computer, Shane prints out a police report on Pouncy House. He shows the files to Nancy who, preoccupied with her personal drama, leaves the file on the counter.

Silas meets Emma, who claims she is a disgruntled Pouncy House employee, for lunch. Silas, enamored, offers her a job on their team, and sleeps with her after showing her the entire operations of their weed-dealing business. He wakes to find Emma gone, and discovers she is the boss of Pouncy House, and has stolen their computer, client lists, dealing routes, and other valuable information.

At Doug's office, an SEC worker is tasked with evaluating the SEC's pension funds in order to see if they are being mismanaged, and overhears Doug and a fellow worker discussing a large sum of money being taken. The police call to say that Shane has been arrested, and Nancy goes to the police department to speak with a detective. She returns to Andy's bike shop to find that Andy has kidnapped Emma at nail-gun point and is threatening to shoot her. Nancy sends Andy away, gives Emma a stern talking to, but leaves Silas and Emma to work it out. Returning to the police station, Nancy informs the detective that Shane was only looking out for his brother, who has started dating a girl involved with Pouncy House. The detective offers to help Nancy by making a drug bust on Pouncy House in order to scare Shane straight, and to help Nancy keep her boys out of trouble.

Nancy tells Demetri she has solved their ongoing weed sales problem. Silas and Emma resolve to partner up. Silas gathers everyone (his delivery men, supplier Demetri, and the Pouncy House crew) to begin working out details. He calls Nancy to let her know that he also "has solved the problem."

The detective raids Pouncy House. Emma and others from Pouncy House are arrested and Shane is brought along to experience the bust. When the detective calls Shane by his last name in front of Emma, she discovers the Botwin family's involvement in the bust. Silas, furious with Nancy, accuses her of being a control freak and breaks his partnership with her to form his own business. Nancy steals Silas' front man and his modeling connections, while Silas convinces Andy to briefly side with him and attempts to negotiate with Demetri behind Nancy's back, but Nancy overhears Silas' plans.

When Silas tells Emma that he was not involved in the drug bust, she believes him, reforms their partnership, and agrees to let him move in with her. But she tells the NYPD that Silas was never involved with Pouncy House and that Nancy only reported them to eliminate her competition. The detective confronts Shane after learning the truth and tells him that he will make Shane's life a living hell because the Botwins used the NYPD as their drug muscle.

After learning that Nancy and Silas are on opposing sides, Demetri convinces a gang of his "bored" military friends to intercept Silas' next MILF delivery from Heylia, without telling Nancy of his plan. Heylia and Dean make the delivery and are robbed at gunpoint by Demetri's men. Nancy learns of the robbery and realizes that the rivalry has gone too far. She tells Demetri to give back the shipment and attempts to call Silas and reconcile. After learning of the robbery from Heylia and Dean, Silas is infuriated and realizes that Nancy only cares about herself, her weed, and in a moment of clarity, realizes that she also cares about Stevie. Silas sees Stevie as Nancy's weakness and calls Jill, summoning her to New York to collect evidence about Nancy's drug business to use against her in court. As Jill arrives in New York, Nancy receives a call from the judge informing her that she will most likely get custody of Stevie.

Nancy returns home to find Jill at her computer downloading her customer database. Jill tells Nancy that she knows about the drug business and threatens to report her and have her sent back to prison if she doesn't sign over custody of Stevie. Nancy refuses and Jill accompanies her to Demetri's apartment to get the stolen MILF and deliver it to Silas. When they arrive, they find Demetri's crew of robbers in his apartment. The crew is "baked" and tells Nancy that Demetri was busted in an unrelated crime and sent to prison. Nancy takes the shipment from the apartment concealed in a giant stuffed gorilla wearing an Army T-shirt.

After a conversation with Andy, Silas regrets calling Jill and realizes that he has taken the rivalry between him and Nancy too far. Jill is still insistent that Nancy sign over custody, but Andy intervenes and resolves the issue by getting everyone to agree to live together in Connecticut.

Several months later, the new "Botwin, Price-Gray" estate (with a little financial help from Doug) is launched in Connecticut with a family dinner. Shane returns home from police academy training, hides his police academy hat, and lies to Nancy about why he was late for dinner, saying his art history class ran late.

As the season finale closes, the family sits at the table eating. The camera changes to a view through a rifle scope. The cross hairs pan around the table, finally settling on Nancy's head. The screen goes black as a shot is fired.


Former cast members[edit]

Tonye Patano returns for four episodes as Heylia, who has not been seen since the season 3 finale. Conrad and Vanita do not return; Heylia mentions that Conrad is living somewhere else.

Andy Milder also returns as Dean Hodes.

Recurring cast[edit]


No. in
Title Directed by Written by Theme song
Original air date U.S. viewers
77 1 "Bags" Scott Ellis Jenji Kohan Steam from sauna coals June 27, 2011 (2011-06-27) 1.19[4]
Three years after her selfless act to save her family, Nancy is released early from Danbury prison and paroled to a halfway house in New York City. She learns that Esteban was killed in prison and his drug cartel has disbanded. After talking with Jill and Stevie via Skype, she sets out on a scavenger hunt at the behest of her romantic partner from prison. She takes possession of a cache of military-grade weapons hidden in a car trunk. Andy, Shane and Doug, who are living in Copenhagen, return to America upon learning of Nancy's release. Silas warns Shane that, "She's just going to fuck you up again." However, he follows them to New York as well under the guise of advancing his modeling career.
78 2 "From Trauma Cometh Something" Michael Trim Carly Mensch Subway passenger's jacket and seat graffiti July 4, 2011 (2011-07-04) 0.62[5]
Andy, Doug, Shane, and Silas arrive in New York City and visit Nancy at the halfway house. Seeing them at the house takes Nancy by surprise and prompts her to sneak out through the back door. Andy and Shane stay at the house to wait for Nancy; Ed tells them that Nancy likely changed for the worse while in prison. Doug visits an old college friend who invites him to a job interview. Silas convinces a modeling agent to sign him on as a client. After failing a job interview, Nancy visits Zoya's brother. He agrees to sell her one pound of marijuana for the cache of explosives and lures her into smoking marijuana. Upon returning to the house, Nancy talks to Andy and Shane and confesses having smoked. Overhearing that, Ed drags her to his office for a drug test.
79 3 "Game-Played" Scott Ellis Victoria Morrow Animal marionette theatre July 11, 2011 (2011-07-11) 0.78[6]
After testing positive for marijuana use, Ed arranges for Nancy to start anti-drug classes run by Ms. Keen. "You need a job, to accrue savings, establish a residence, and show family support" to leave the halfway house. Jill tells Nancy that she intends to seek full custody of Stevie. At Nancy's urging Shane obtains admission to the City College of New York. Doug gets a job as a CPA from his college friend. Silas gets his first gig as an underwear model in New York City, but he storms out in an angry fit after he almost suffocates. Andy, who saved Silas's life, lands a date with the shoot's producer. Nancy trades Zoya's weapons for pot from the Sarge and discovers an opening in the sales market. When Silas discovers that Nancy is dealing again, he manipulates her to obtain a cut in her action.
80 4 "A Hole in Her Niqab" Eric Jewett David Holstein Photocopier print-outs July 18, 2011 (2011-07-18) 0.67[7]
As Jill pressures Nancy for custody of Stevie and tuition for an expensive school, Nancy obtains the pro bono help of lawyer Steward Havens. Andy starts a casual relationship with Maxeen; she is in a polyamorous marriage with her husband Charles who is dying of cancer. Shane uses some of his student loan money to build a nice bedroom in their apartment for his mother as a thank you for going to prison for him. After ending his modeling career, Silas revels in his new, equal partnership with his mother. "We have a new relationship where she treats us like real people." While Nancy shuts down a rival pot dealer, Silas gives away all of Nancy's pot in free samples to build a client base. Needing to sell the product, they both borrow $1,000 from Shane to buy more; unfortunately, an incident in Afghanistan involving a defiled niqab disrupts the Sarge's marijuana supply chain. Doug starts steroids to prepare for corporate softball and hires Nancy as an assistant. The CEO makes a romantic move on Nancy, but he pulls back after she outs the firm's pot dealer.
81 5 "Fingers Only Meat Banquet" Scott Ellis Brendan Kelly Beefsteak slices July 25, 2011 (2011-07-25) 0.68[8]
Doug discovers irregularities in the bookkeeping at his new company; Tillerman encourages him to overlook them. After saving Charles from a hypoglycemic attack, Andy breaks off his relationship with Maxeen. Nancy and Silas fly to California for a custody hearing. As a legal tactic, Jill's lawyer postpones the hearing for two months. This infuriates Nancy as intended, and she storms to Jill's house and makes a scene. Thanks to Silas, Nancy receives an unofficial audience with the family court judge. He encourages her to "return to those who helped you succeed... Be the Nancy who raised Silas." To that end, she visits Heylia James, who is not happy to see Nancy again.
82 6 "Object Impermanence" Michael Trim Stephen Falk Planetarium show August 1, 2011 (2011-08-01) 0.71[9]
Nancy and Silas ask Heylia to supply them with pot; as a reply, she shoots a gun at them. Dean is living with Heylia in exchange for legal advice, but Conrad has left her to live with his girlfriend. Heylia blames Nancy for her loneliness. "I had a full dinner table before you showed up." Heylia incites Silas to confront his mother about Lars. After Silas reminds Heylia he helped Conrad improve the MILF strain, Heylia agrees to supply Nancy. However, Silas will live with Heylia and help grow the crops. After Doug's company refuses to give Andy start-up money, Shane gives him $80,000 so Andy's business can serve as a front for Nancy's operation. While taking classes in applied criminology, Shane impresses an adjunct professor and NYPD investigator with his observational skills. Scott arranges for Nancy to visit Stevie before she returns to NYC.
83 7 "Vehement v. Vigorous" Scott Ellis Carly Mensch Boxing match August 8, 2011 (2011-08-08) 0.69[10]
Silas returns to New York with 30 pounds of MILF weed. He spars with Nancy over the marijuana selling business. Silas has plans for a large and elaborate messenger structure that insulates the Botwins from their sales force; Nancy, who needs to make money quickly, pushes for a smaller and more direct approach. Silas turns to the female modeling agent (7x02) for messengers to sell MILF weed. Andy resents that Nancy is trying to use his bike shop as a cover business. Shane's professor tries to teach Shane about moral gray areas but discovers Shane already knows about them. He hires Shane as an intern. Doug is suffering the side-effects of anabolic steroids including "roid rage." Agents from the Securities and Exchange Commission make Nancy an offer. The SEC will help her complete her sentence early in exchange for becoming an informant against Chuck. Zoya is out of prison and catches Nancy making out with her brother.
84 8 "Synthetics" Michael Trim Victoria Morrow Figurines on display shelf August 15, 2011 (2011-08-15) 0.67[11]
Zoya confronts Nancy after discovering her affair with the Sarge. Nancy reaffirms her commitment to Zoya; however, she is not happy to see Zoya and continues her affair. Zoya prevents Nancy from taking her delivery of drugs from the Sarge. After the SEC saves Nancy from returning to prison, she must commit to being their informant. Unfortunately, her boss at the SEC is unimpressed with the results she delivers. She agrees to wear a wire while on a date with Chuck, but he declares, "No. Work. Talk. Please." Shane and Detective Ouellette stakeout the detective's step-son. They then talk about their respective families at a bar over drinks. As Andy's business grows, he and Silas spar over their separate businesses. Denny and Emma give Silas a shakedown warning. Emma expresses a romantic interest in Silas. When Chuck and Nancy visit the Botwins' flat, Demetri brings a large cache of pot, and a discussion of the Botwin's pot business ensues. Seconds later, Zoya arrives and introduces herself as Nancy's business partner and "the love of her life." When she discovers that Chuck took Nancy on a date, she threatens Chuck's life. The entire conversation at the flat is recorded by the SEC agents.
85 9 "Cats! Cats! Cats!" Michael Trim David Holstein Title cards at vaudeville show August 22, 2011 (2011-08-22) 0.72[12]
Nancy tells Chuck that the SEC is investigating him. Before Chuck flees, he gives Nancy the keys to his townhouse. During a shakedown meeting with her SEC handler, Doug arrives and informs him that the solvency of the government's pension plan is dependent upon Vehement's success. Doug and Nancy are released. When Andy tells Zoya that Nancy slept with Chuck, Zoya runs off. Nancy, wanting Zoya to leave, burns down Chuck's townhouse. (Zoya is a known arsonist and threatened to incinerate him on the wiretap.) Afterwards, Nancy tells Zoya that she will be a prime suspect for the arson and sends Zoya to Burlington. (It's a lie; the SEC gave Nancy the evidence linking Zoya to the fire.) Shane offers to be Nancy's man inside the NYPD; "I can protect you." She turns him down. Shane steals intelligence on Pouncy House and delivers it to Nancy. The intelligence provides her "an insane competitive advantage," but Nancy ignores it and does not appreciate it. When Ouellette discovers the theft, he arrests Shane. After telling Emma that he is not shutting down his operation, Silas takes her to breakfast. When she expresses dissatisfaction with working for Denny, Silas offers her a job and gives her a tour of his facility. Silas reads the NYPD file on Pouncy House and discovers that Emma actually runs the operation. He then discovers that his office has been raided and that Andy's office has been turned up-side-down, literally.
86 10 "System Overhead" Scott Ellis Brendan Kelly Doug holding cue cards August 29, 2011 (2011-08-29) 0.80[13]
Andy and Nancy grill Silas who gave Emma access to the back office. When Nancy refuses a delivery from The Sarge, he threatens to muscle out Pouncy House. When Silas goes to Columbia to confront Emma, Andy takes her hostage with a nail gun. All three return to the bike shop. Andy demands that Emma clean up the bike shop but leaves to allow Silas to guard her. Nancy visits Shane in jail: "I did three years so that you wouldn't have to. I just want you in college." Shane replies, "Save that dream for Stevie." In the end, two deals are reached. Emma and Silas agree to a merger. He will supply the weed; she will run sales and distribution. Nancy will help Ouellette bust Pouncy House in exchange for Shane's freedom. Jolene Wait of the SEC arrives at Vehement to investigate the government's pension plan. She inadvertently learns from Doug and Tillerman that Chuck disappeared with a large amount of cash. Also, Chuck was the operation's "money guy." Without him, the scheme would quickly collapse.
87 11 "Une Mère que j'aimerais baiser" Eric Jewett Roberto Benabib & Matthew Salsberg Soda poured from can September 12, 2011 (2011-09-12) 0.75[14]
Doug and Tillerman take Andy to the Hamptons to find new clients for Vehement to fleece. Andy poses as Bill Sussman (see 3x05), a wealthy man who made lots of money with Vehement. Nancy tags along to sell her drugs. Nancy rebrands her product as "Une Mère que j'aimerais baiser" (French for MILF), an overpriced, ultra-exclusive marijuana strain. After Doug and Tillerman discover that Chuck or Bernard Madoff have already fleeced everyone at the party, Nancy offers to cut them into her action. Knowing the raid of Pouncy House is imminent, Nancy rejects merging with them. This infuriates Silas. He doesn't want to be Nancy's employee with Nancy making the decisions. Emma offers Silas a job, but he turns her down. Denny and Emma are arrested during the raid on Pouncy House. Det. Ouellette tells Shane, "When the hammer comes down -- and it always does -- you want to be on my side." Shane laughs him off behind his back. When Shane tells Silas that Nancy made the deal that leads to Emma's arrest, Silas takes a copy of the Botwin's sales database to start his own syndicate. Silas tells Nancy, "Consider me the competition. Everything is up for grabs."
88 12 "Qualitative Spatial Reasoning" Scott Ellis Stephen Falk Display on broken laptop screen September 19, 2011 (2011-09-19) 0.52[15]
Nancy and Silas compete to recruit talent. Nancy picks up Alex, Demetri, Doug, Kiko (female modeling agent), Shane, and Tillerman. Silas signs up Andy, Emma (released on bail), and Heylia. Emma and Silas reconcile romantically over their anger with Nancy. Andy and Silas have an awkward visit with Demetri to buy pot. Nancy was listening to the whole conversation and resolves to win big against them. Dean and Heylia visit NYC to deliver MILF to Silas, but they are jacked by men wearing Sarah Palin masks. Nancy pitches Vehement on selling pot at exorbitant prices through an exclusive messenger service staffed by Kiko's gorgeous female models. Nancy discovers that Demetri's friends stole from Silas; Nancy thinks Demetri went too far and tries to partially reconcile with Silas. Shane manipulates a meeting between Ouellette and his son. Emma visits Ouellette and tells him how Nancy played him. Judge Franklin, on the verge of granting Nancy full-custody of Stevie to Nancy, calls Nancy with the good news. Silas hatches a revenge plot against Nancy by using Jill's desire for custody. Heylia develops her own plan, but postpones giving Silas his chance. After Andy learns that Charles has died, he drops his partnership with Silas.
89 13 "Do Her/Don't Do Her" Michael Trim Jenji Kohan Graffiti on a coffin September 26, 2011 (2011-09-26) 0.56[16]
The episode begins with Nancy coming home to find Jill sitting at her computer, e-mailing incriminating files to herself. She blackmails Nancy: if she signs custodial papers right there, then she will not go to the police with her evidence. Silas and Andy discuss the former's actions; they agree that Silas made a horrible mistake by contacting Jill. Heylia threatens Nancy at gunpoint; she demands that Nancy deliver all of her weed back by that evening or be killed. The two women go to Demetri's apartment to retrieve the rest of it. However, they find that he's been arrested for robbery. After some coaxing by the sisters, Demetri's military buddies return all but one ounce, which they'd smoked. When Heylia is given her weed, she and Nancy discuss Silas and his happiness. Ouellette grills Shane on his scheming; he declares his fervent intention to arrest Nancy. Doug, shortly before being made CFO of Vehement, finds out through Jolene that Chuck drunkenly told about the hedge fund scheme when he was found in Bali. Andy and Silas attend Charles's funeral. Andy realizes that, like Charles, his biggest wish in life is to see his family happy. Nancy forces Jill to admit that she wants more excitement in her life. When Nancy and Jill return home, they find Andy and Silas. Silas apologizes to Nancy. After Jill and Andy discuss custody options, they make a decision. The next scene focuses on a suburban home in Connecticut two months later. Inside, Nancy reveals that she's giving a large room in that house to Silas to grow weed in. Outside, the entire family (including Stevie, Jill, and the twins) are sitting down to dinner. Shane pulls up out front, where it's revealed through a flashback that he's training to be a police officer with the NYPD. During dinner, the family seems to finally be happy... This is cut short by a sniper in the bushes; he aims the scope at Nancy. The scene cuts to black as a gunshot is heard. The credits roll ending the season on a cliffhanger.


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