Weekend War

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For the Slovenian war of independence, see Ten-Day War.
Weekend War
Weekend War.jpg
Directed by Steven Hilliard Stern
Written by Dennis Hackin, Steven Hackin, Gregory Widen
Music by Brad Fiedel
Edited by Barrett Taylor
Release date
February 1, 1988
Running time
90 min
Country  United States
Language English

Weekend War is a television movie starring Daniel Stern and Stephen Collins that premiered on the ABC network on Monday February 1, 1988. It is directed by Steven Hilliard Stern and written by brothers Dennis and Steven Hackin. Columbia Tristar Home Video released this on video in 1992, possibly because of Daniel Stern's success in the Home Alone franchise.

Actor Charles Haid called this film Stephen Collins' best performance ever in an interview with The Washington Post. He enjoyed working on the film, saying: "We shot it for 20 days in a jungle in the rain, under the sun, with bugs ... It was great. This time we got to say something. That's why I'm happy I did it: I am actually involved in a project that I believe in 100 percent."[1]


The plot concerns a rag-tag group of U.S. Army reservists who are deployed to Honduras to build a runway. After an intervention by the U.S. Embassy, the crew are then sent to a dangerous nearby village to repair a bridge. The title comes from his character's death scene where he shouts "Two tours in 'Nam I never get hit. This is a lousy weekend war!"


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