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Weenie Beenie in South Arlington, Virginia

Weenie Beenie was a chain of fast food restaurants, which is now reduced to one location. Weenie Beenie predominantly sells half-smokes, hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, and soft drinks.

Weenie Beenie was founded by Carl and Bill Staton in Arlington, Virginia in 1950. Bill Staton, a billiards player, used money from his pool playing to fund the restaurants, which numbered six at one time. Bill Staton was also known by the nickname "Weenie Beenie".[1] The final Weenie Beenie is the original location, in the Shirlington section of Arlington.[2] It is now particularly well known for its half-smokes.[3]

Dave Grohl, frontman for the band Foo Fighters and a former DC area resident who also lived in the Del Ray area of Alexandria, Virginia, titled a song on the Foo Fighters' first album "Weenie Beenie" after the restaurant.

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