Weeping Willows

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This article is about the Swedish band. For the trees, see Salix babylonica. For other uses of Weeping willow or weeping willows, see Weeping Willow (disambiguation).
Weeping Willows
Weeping Willows 2011.jpg
Weeping Willows on stage in Stockholm, 2011.
Background information
Origin Sweden
Genres Indie rock
Indie pop
Alternative country
Years active 1995–present
Labels Virgin
Grand Recordings
Associated acts Stefan Sundström
West End Girls
Andy Bell
Website www.weepingwillows.nu
Members Magnus Carlson
Ola Nyström
Anders Hernestam
Niko Röhlcke
Past members Mats Hedén
Stefan Axelsen

Weeping Willows is a Swedish indie rock group that started in 1995.


The band's first two albums are primarily influenced by the popular music of the late 1950s to early 1960s. With their third album Into the Light, Weeping Willows took a stylistic turn towards a more modern sound with alternative rock leanings.

Singer Magnus Carlson has also made albums as a solo artist and is due to duet with fellow Swedish band West End Girls on a cover of the Pet Shop Boys' single "What Have I Done to Deserve This?" in February 2008.

The lyrics typically deal with unhappy love, loneliness and heart-ache.

In the end of August 2006 Weeping Willows were the 99th most successful band in Sweden since 1985 (just after Elton John) at the list Tracks (statistics maintained by the Swedish Radio).

In 2005 they were the at place 80 on the most played bands in the Swedish radio (with a top position of 5 in 2002). Most played songs are "Touch Me" (7th most played song in 2002 in Swedish Radio) and "Stairs" (8th most played song 2004 in Swedish Radio.)

The band has collaborated with Oasis member Andy Bell on several occasions.


  • Magnus Carlson - Vocals
  • Ola Nyström - Guitar
  • Anders Hernestam - Drums
  • Niko Röhlcke - Guitar, keyboards

Past members[edit]

  • Stefan Axelsen - Bass guitar
  • Mats Hedén - Keyboards
  • Thomas Sundgren - Percussion



Year Album Peak positions
1997 Broken Promise Land 13  –
1999 Endless Night 2  –
2002 Into the Light 1  –
2004 Presence 2 30
2005 Singles Again 6  –
2007 Fear & Love 2  –
2014 The Time Has Come 2 24
2014 Christmas Time Has Come 4  –


  • "Broken Promise Land" (1997) SWE #23 NED: 92
  • "Eternal Flames" (1997)
  • "Blue and Alone" (1997)
  • "You're everywhere" (1999) (with The Boppers, from the motion picture Under the Sun)
  • "True to You" (1999)
  • "By the River" / "I Close My Eyes" (1999)
  • "When You Are Asleep" (1999)
  • "While I'm Still Strong" (1999)
  • "Touch Me" (2001) SWE #21
  • "Falling" (2002)
  • "Stairs" (2004) SWE #22
  • "You Weren't Even Close" (2004)
  • "Lost Love" (2004)
  • "I'm Gonna Let Love Find Me" (2005) SWE #44
  • "The Burden" (2007) SWE #49
  • "Shiver in the Morning Light" (2007)
  • "(We're In) Different Places" (2014)


  • Live in Helsinki (2005)


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