Weesp railway station

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Location Netherlands
Coordinates 52°18′47″N 5°2′37″E / 52.31306°N 5.04361°E / 52.31306; 5.04361Coordinates: 52°18′47″N 5°2′37″E / 52.31306°N 5.04361°E / 52.31306; 5.04361
Operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Line(s) Amsterdam–Zutphen railway
Weesp–Lelystad railway
Weesp–Leiden railway
Platforms 4
Other information
Station code Wp
Opened 10 June 1874
Preceding station   Nederlandse Spoorwegen   Following station
toward Hoofddorp
NS Sprinter 4300
NS Sprinter 4600
toward Zwolle
toward Hoofddorp
NS Sprinter 5700
toward Hoofddorp
NS Sprinter 5800
Weesp railway station is located in Randstad
Weesp railway station

Weesp is a railway station in Weesp, Netherlands. The station has 2 island platforms and it has a total of 6 tracks, from which 2 tracks are for passing trains. The first station in Weesp opened in June 10, 1874, when the Gooilijn from Amsterdam to Hilversum and Amersfoort was completed. The original station was demolished in 1967 and replaced by a new building. The new building partially went out of service in 1985 because of the new railway line from Weesp to Almere and beyond, called the Flevolijn. The out-of-service part was later converted to a bicycle parking and repair shop. The remaining station is little more than a tunnel passing under the tracks, and a small coffee counter. Train services are operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen.

Since the opening of the Flevolijn, Weesp has been a major transfer station for passengers travelling from Amsterdam Central Station and Schiphol from the east, and suburbs such as Almere and Hilversum to the west. Due to this circumstance, Weesp features 16 departures per hour. Until 2003, also passagers travelling between Hilversum and Almere had to change at Weesp. In that year a new branch, the Gooiboog, was added to connect the line towards Almere with the line towards Naarden-Bussum railway station and Hilversum.

The traveling time from Weesp to Amsterdam Centraal by train is about 15 minutes. The distance between the two is about 15 kilometers.

Train services[edit]

The following train services call at Weesp:

  • 2× per hour local Sprinter service Hoofddorp - Schiphol - Duivendrecht - Almere Oostvaarders
  • 2× per hour local Sprinter service Amsterdam - Almere - Lelystad - Zwolle
  • 2× per hour local Sprinter service The Hague - Leiden - Hoofddorp - Schiphol - Duivendrecht - Hilversum - Utrecht
  • 2× per hour local Sprinter service Hoofddorp - Schiphol - Amsterdam - Hilversum - Amersfoort Vathorst

Bus services[edit]

  • 49 Bijlmer ArenA - Karspeldreef - Gaasperplas - Driemond - Weesp (GVB)
  • 106 Weesp - Nederhorst den Berg (Connexxion)
  • 110 Weesp - Muiden P&R - Muidenberg (P&R) - Gooimeer P&R - Naarden - Bussum (Connexxion)
  • 122 Weesp - Nigtevecht - Vreeland (Connexxion)

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