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Weet weet (also called wit-wit or throwing the play stick) is an Australian Aboriginal children's throwing game popular in some parts of Australia.[1] Weet weet is also the traditional name of the object that is thrown, but it is also called a "kangaroo rat". A traditional weet weet it is difficult to recreate, so a club can be used and small children can play the game using a tennis ball placed in a stocking. The winner is the person to throw the weet weet the furthest or most accurately.[2]

Samuel Clemens, Mark Twain and weet-weet[edit]

The famous writer Mark Twain as an example of wit and intelligence of the Australian aborigines wrote a chapter in his book Following the Equator about the weet-weet (or kangaroo-rat) [3] But the mentioned chapter is not a simple description of an exotic toy, it is a blunt and critical summary of the white man's genocide actions against indigenous.[3]

In the past Aboriginal Australians used weet weets for hunting.[4]


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