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The Wehra in its gorge-like middle reaches
Location Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Reference no. DE: 2314
Basin features
Main source In the Berglewald of Todtmoos, east of the village centre
about 1,080 m above sea level (NN)
47°45′01″N 8°01′47″E / 47.750398°N 8.029758°E / 47.750398; 8.029758Coordinates: 47°45′01″N 8°01′47″E / 47.750398°N 8.029758°E / 47.750398; 8.029758
River mouth Near Brennet, borough of Wehr into the Rhine
etwa 283 m above sea level (NN)
47°34′55″N 7°54′13″E / 47.58194°N 7.90361°E / 47.58194; 7.90361
Progression Rhine → North Sea
River system Rhine
Basin size 114.8 km² [1]
  • Right:
    Rüttebach (main river), Rotmoosbach, Brandbach, Hasel
Waterbodies Reservoirs: Wehra Reservoir
Physical characteristics
Length 25.9 km
  • Location:
  • Minimum rate:
    Average low: 680 l/s
  • Average rate:
    3.71 m³/s
  • Maximum rate:
    Average high: 32.84 m³/s

Wehra is a river of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

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