Wei Changhui

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Wei Changhui
North King of the Heavenly Kingdom
Reign 1851 - 1856
Born 1823
Died 1856 (aged 33)
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Wei.

Wei Changhui (simplified Chinese: 韦昌辉; traditional Chinese: 韋昌輝; pinyin: Wéi Chānghuī) was the North King of the Taiping Rebellion.

Pre-Rebellion involvement[edit]

During the early days of the movement during the 1840s, Wei was converted to Christianity by Feng Yunshan and Hong Xiuquan. Wei's family clan was in control of a market town named Jiantin in Guangxi which became a safe haven for the "God Worshippers" (the name given to the early Taipings).

During the Rebellion[edit]

As thanks for his help during the Thistle Mountain days of the movement, Wei became a leader of the Taipings and subsequently became the North King of the Rebellion. In 1856 Wei organised the killing of the East King Yang Xiuqing and his followers in Nanking (See:Tianjing's struggle Incident).


Wei was killed by Hong Xiuquan's elite bodyguard as repentance for Shi Dakai who was angered at the extent of the killings concerning Yang Xiuqing.


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