Wei Wenhua

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Wei Wenhua
Wei Wenhua.jpg
Born(1967-01-03)January 3, 1967
DiedJanuary 7, 2008(2008-01-07) (aged 41)
Wanba, Tianmen, Hubei
Cause of deathBeaten to death by law enforcement for documenting law enforcement
OccupationConstruction manager

Wei Wenhua (simplified Chinese: 魏文华; traditional Chinese: 魏文華; pinyin: Wèi Wénhuá; January 3, 1967[1][2] – January 7, 2008) was the general manager of a construction company, Shuli Architectural Engineering. He was beaten to death in Wanba, Tianmen, Hubei, after attempting to film Chinese authorities clashing with villagers.[2][3]


The conflict which Wei attempted to film centered on a garbage dump in the village that the Chinese government was using, which the village government feared to be threatening to the inhabitants' lives.[4]

The Chinese media reported that Wei was beaten by a group of thirty or more Chengguan (urban management officers) when he attempted to photograph the villagers protesting (by attempting to prevent more garbage being dumped)[3] with a mobile phone (it is not currently known what Wei was attempting to use the photographs for).[4] He was beaten inside his car for five minutes[5] and declared dead at a local hospital soon after.[2][4]

Response to death[edit]

Qi Zhengjun, secretary-general of the city's government and commander of the municipal force, was fired from his position after the incident, following public outrage and government investigation into Wei's death. Twenty-four Chengguan members, as well as over one hundred other government personnel, were also questioned,[3][6] and four people were detained.[5]

According to Chen Junling, Wei's brother-in-law, a protest outside Tianmen's city hall the day after Wei's death comprised thousands of people.[5]

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