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The following is a list of characters from the novel The Deer and the Cauldron by Jin Yong. Some of these characters previously appeared in another novel Sword Stained with Royal Blood, which is also written by Jin Yong. Some of these characters are based on historical figures, such as the Kangxi Emperor, Oboi, Wu Sangui, Chen Yuanyuan, Princess Changping, Zheng Keshuang, Feng Xifan, Galdan Boshugtu Khan, Sophia Alekseyevna, Wu Liuqi and Zha Jizuo (a purported ancestor of Jin Yong).

Wei Xiaobao and his family[edit]

  • Wei Xiaobao (韋小寶; 韦小宝; Wéi Xiáobǎo; Wai4 Siu2-bou2) is the protagonist of the novel. A witty, sly and illiterate person, he was born to a prostitute from a brothel in Yangzhou during the Qing dynasty. He bumbles his way into the imperial palace and has a fateful encounter with the young Kangxi Emperor, whom he develops a friendship with. By sheer luck and wit, Wei succeeds in accomplishing a series of tasks that would affect the events during the Kangxi Emperor's reign.
  • Wei Chunfang (韋春芳; 韦春芳; Wéi Chūnfāng; Wai4 Ceon1-fong1) is Wei Xiaobao's mother and a prostitute from the Lichun Brothel (麗春院) in Yangzhou.

The seven wives[edit]

  • Mu Jianping (沐劍屏; 沐剑屏; Mù Jiànpíng; Muk6 Gim3-ping4) is Mu Jiansheng's younger sister. Together with Fang Yi, she participates in afailed attempt to assassinate the Kangxi Emperor, during which they meet Wei Xiaobao. She is latter captured by the Mystic Dragon Cult and forced to join the cult. She is the youngest and most naive of the seven.
  • Fang Yi (方怡; Fāng Yí; Fong1 Ji4) is Liu Dahong's apprentice. She is the most intelligent of the seven. She initially loved her senior, Liu Yizhou, who loved her as well. After a failed attempt to assassinate the Kangxi Emperor (which Mu Jianping also participates in), she is wounded and is forced to rely on Wei Xiaobao to protect her. Wei Xiaobao uses every opportunity to make advances on her and force her to promise to marry him if he saves Liu Yizhou from captivity. However, after seeing how adamant she is with her feelings for Liu, Wei wavers between giving up on her and insisting that she fulfils her promise. Eventually, after learning that Wei is the leader of the Qingmu Lodge of the Heaven and Earth Society, as well as seeing how the jealous and cowardly Liu Yizhou betrayed Wei and sold him out to enemies, she decides that she wants to be with Wei. She is captured by the Mystic Dragon Cult and forced to lure Wei into traps. Wei manages to save her with Su Quan's help. Fang Yi is described to be Wei's smartest wife.
  • Shuang'er (雙兒; 双儿; Shuāng'ér; Soeng1-ji4) is a servant of the Zhuang family in Huzhou. The matriarch tells her to follow Wei and serve him – as an expression of her gratitude to Wei for helping their family kill Oboi. She becomes Wei's bodyguard. Among the seven, she is the one who understands Wei the most.
  • Su Quan (蘇荃; 苏荃; Sū Quán; Sou1 Cyun4) was the wife of Hong Antong, the leader of the Mystic Dragon Cult. She disguises herself as a prostitute to lure Wei Xiaobao into a trap in a brothel. However, she is unfamiliar with the ways of a brothel so Wei easily sees through her ruse. He tricks her into drinking drugged wine and she becomes unconscious. Wei Xiaobao then places her on the bed along with Fang Yi, Zeng Rou, Mu Jianping, Shuang'er and Ake, and has sex with them. The next time she and Wei Xiaobao meet, her attitude is warmer, and it is later revealed that she is pregnant with his child. She decides to follow Wei after the Mystic Dragon Cult is destroyed in its internal conflict. She is the most powerful in martial arts among the seven.
  • Princess Jianning (建寧公主; 建宁公主; Jiànníng Gōngzhǔ; Gin3-ning4 Gung1-zyu2) is a younger sister of the Kangxi Emperor. It turns out that she is not related to the emperor because her biological mother is Mao Dongzhu, who has been impersonating the empress dowager. Her father is actually the Thin Monk. Of the seven wives, she is the most violent, sadistic and spoiled. She loves Wei Xiaobao because he is the only one who dares to stand up to her, and she likes to engage in BDSM activities with him. Although she is eventually sent by the Kangxi Emperor to marry Wu Yingxiong in a political marriage, she is determined to be with Wei Xiaobao. Before her wedding, she drugs Wei Xiaobao, strips him naked, whips him and tries to use candles to burn his hair. He gives in to her seductive advances and sleeps with her that night. The next day, Wei gives her one of the pistols he received from Wu Sangui as a gift. Jianning tricks Wu Yingxiong into going into her room, points the pistol at him, and orders him to strip before castrating him. The marriage still proceeds, although Jianning continues to have affairs with Wei. She eventually reveals to Wei that she is pregnant with his child and they elope. The Kangxi Emperor tells Wei in a letter that he will accept Jianning's relationship with Wei.
  • Ake (阿珂; Ākē; Aa3-o1) is the daughter of Li Zicheng and Chen Yuanyuan. She has a crush on Zheng Keshuang previously but leaves him after he reveals his true colours. She is Wei's most beautiful wife.
  • Zeng Rou (曾柔; Zēng Róu; Zang1 Jau4) is from the Wangwu Sect. She tries to assassinate Wei but ends up falling in love with him. In contrast with Jianning, she is the most polite and cultured among the seven.

The three children[edit]

  • Wei Hutou (韋虎頭; 韦虎头; Wéi Hǔtóu; Wai4 Fu2-tau4) is Wei's first son, born to Ake. His name literally means "tiger head".
  • Wei Tongchui (韋銅錘; 韦铜锤; Wéi Tóngchuí; Wai4 Tung4-ceoi4) is Wei's second son, born to Su Quan. His name literally means "bronze hammer".
  • Wei Shuangshuang (韋雙雙; 韦双双; Wéi Shuāngshuāng; Wai4 Soeng1-soeng1) is Wei's daughter, born to Princess Jianning. Originally named "Bandeng" (板凳; Bǎndèng; Baan2 Dang3), which means "wooden bench", her name was changed to "Shuangshuang" (means "pair pair") on Su Quan's suggestion.

Qing Empire[edit]

  • The Kangxi Emperor (康熙皇帝; Kāngxī Huángdì; Hong1-hei1 Wong4-dai3) is the ruler of the Qing Empire. He forges a close friendship with Wei Xiaobao in their childhood. He was first known to Wei Xiaobao as "Xiaoxuanzi" (小玄子; Xiǎoxuánzǐ; Siu2-jyun4-zi2), which is derived from his personal name "Xuanye" (玄燁; 玄烨; Xuányè).
  • The Empress Dowager is the empress of the Kangxi Emperor's father, the Shunzhi Emperor. She serves as a stepmother to the young Kangxi Emperor. She was immobilised and imprisoned in a wardrobe in her room by Mao Dongzhu, who impersonates her. She is freed by Wei Xiaobao after Mao Dongzhu flees when her cover is blown. Some readers believe that she is the historical Empress Xiaohuizhang, even though in the novel she is referred to simply as the "Empress Dowager".
  • The Four Regents helped the Kangxi Emperor govern the empire when he was still a child. The emperor later took over the reins of power when he came of age. The four are:
    • Oboi (鳌拜; Áobài; Ngou4-baai3), a cruel and power-hungry aristocrat. He is ousted from power by the Kangxi Emperor with Wei Xiaobao's help and thrown into prison. He is killed by Wei Xiaobao eventually.
    • Suksaha (蘇克薩哈; 苏克萨哈; Sūkèsàhā) was framed and executed by Oboi.
    • Sonin (索尼; Suǒní)
    • Ebilun (遏必隆; Èbìlóng)
  • Nobles, court ministers, officials and bureaucrats:
    • Prince Kang (康親王; 康亲王; Kāng Qīnwáng) is a noble who befriends Wei Xiaobao.
    • Songgotu (索額圖; 索额图; Suǒétú) is Sonin's son. He befriends Wei Xiaobao.
    • Misihan (米思翰; Mǐsīhàn) is the Minister of Revenue.
    • Li Lei (李雷; Lǐ Léi) is the Minister of Revenue.
    • Yisang'e (伊桑阿; Yīsāng'ē) is the Minister of Personnel.
    • Batai (巴泰; Bātài) is the Minister of Rites.
    • Mingju (明珠; Míngzhū) is the Minister of War.
    • Moluo (莫洛; Mòluò) is the Minister of Justice.
    • Chakedan (察克旦; Chákèdàn) is Suksaha's son.
    • Wei Zhouzuo (衛周祚; 卫周祚; Wèi Zhōuzuò)
    • Duikana (對喀納; 对喀纳; Duìkǎnà)
    • Du Lide (杜立德; Dù Lìdé)
    • Tuhai (圖海; 图海; Túhǎi)
    • Zhe'erken (折爾肯; 折尔肯; Zhé'ěrkěn)
    • Da'erli (達爾禮; 达尔礼; Dáěrlǐ)
    • Li Wei (李蔚; Lǐ Wèi)
    • Ledehong (勒德洪; Lèdéhóng)
    • Feng Pu (馮溥; 冯溥; Féng Pǔ)
    • Wang Xi (王熙; Wáng Xī)
    • Huang Ji (黃機; 黄机; Huáng Jī)
    • Wu Zhengzhi (吳正治; 吴正治; Wú Zhèngzhì)
    • Zong Dexuan (宗德宜; Zōng Déyí)
    • Lin Guiding (林桂鼎; Lín Guìdǐng)
    • Tong Tulai (佟圖賴; 佟图赖; Tóng Túlài)
    • Tong Guogang (佟國綱; 佟国纲; Tóng Guógāng)
    • Mu Tianyan (慕天顏; 慕天颜; Mù Tiānyán)
    • Wei Gao (韋皋; 韦皋; Wéi Gāo)
    • Le'erjin (勒爾錦; 勒尔锦; Lè'ěrjǐn)
    • Yang Guangxian (楊光先; 杨光先; Yáng Guāngxiān)
    • A'erni (阿爾尼; 阿尔尼; Ā'ěrní)
    • Ma Qi (馬齊; 马齐; Mǎ Qí)
    • Lu Yifeng (盧一峰; 卢一峰; Lú Yīfēng) is the magistrate of Jing County (靖縣).
    • Wu Zhirong (吳之榮; 吴之荣; Wú Zhīróng) is the governor of Yangzhou. He played a key role in the massacre of the Zhuang family of Huzhou many years ago (see the Zhuang Tinglong Case). Shuang'er recognises him and begs Wei Xiaobao to help her avenge her family. Wei then frames him for collaborating with Wu Sangui and has him arrested and sent to Huzhou, where he is killed by the widows of the Zhuang family.
    • Ma You (馬佑; 马佑; Mǎ Yòu)
    • Cao Shenji (曹申吉; Cáo Shēnjí) is the governor of Guizhou.
  • Military personnel:
    • Duolong (多隆; Duōlóng; Do1-lung4) is an imperial guard commander and a close friend of Wei Xiaobao. Wei reluctantly kills him to save the Heaven and Earth Society's members, who are trapped by imperial forces. It turns out later that he survived after being stabbed by Wei, and does not know that Wei tried to kill him.
    • Shi Lang (施琅; Shī Láng; Si1 Long4) is a former admiral in the Kingdom of Tungning. He defects to the Qing Empire after Zheng Jing killed his family. Through Wei Xiaobao's recommendation, he is promoted to higher ranks for his expertise in naval warfare. He is appointed as an admiral of the naval fleet during the Qing campaign against Tungning.
    • Li Benshen (李本深; Lí Běnshēn) is a general in Guizhou.
    • Sabusu (薩布素; 萨布素; Sàbùsù) is a general in Heilongjiang.
    • Suotu (額圖; 额图; Étú)
    • Zhang Kangnian (張康年; 张康年; Zhāng Kāngnián)
    • Zhao Qixian (趙齊賢; 赵齐贤; Zhào Qíxián)
    • Shi Laoliu (施老六; Shī Lǎolìu)
    • Xiong Lao'er (熊老二; Xíong Lǎolìu)
    • Zhao Liangdong (趙良棟; 赵良栋; Zhào Liángdòng)
    • Zhang Yong (張勇; 张勇; Zhāng Yǒng)
    • Pengchun (朋春; Péngchūn)
    • Langtan (郎坦; Lángtǎn)
    • Ruidong (瑞棟; 瑞栋; Ruì Dòng; Seoi6 Dung3) is an imperial guard nicknamed "Undefeated Iron Palm" (鐵掌無敵). Mao Dongzhu sends him to kill Wei Xiaobao but Wei outsmarts and kills him instead.
    • Shi Song (史松; Shǐ Sōng; Si2 Cung4) is a military officer nicknamed "Black Dragon Whip" (黑龍鞭). He leads his men to arrest Mao Shiba at the start of the novel. Wei Xiaobao stabs him from behind and kills him.
    • Cha'erzhu (察爾珠; 察尔珠; Chá'ěrzhū)
    • Ge Tong (葛通; Gě Tōng)
    • Fuchun (富春; Fúchūn)
    • Hechabo (和察博; Héchábó)
    • Ejichi (阿濟赤; 阿济赤; Ājìchì)
    • Major General Peng (彭參將; Péng Cānjiàng)
    • Hong Chao (洪朝; Hóng Cháo)
    • Lieutenant General Lu (路副將; Lù Fùjiàng)
    • Lieutenant General Ban (班副將; Bān Fùjiàng)
    • Commander Tai (泰都統; Tài Dūtǒng)
    • Lin Xingzhu (林興珠; 林兴珠; Lín Xīngzhū)
    • Huang Fu (黃甫; 黄甫; Huáng Fǔ)
    • Jiang Baisheng (江百勝; 江百胜; Jiāng Bǎishèng)
    • Bahai (巴海; Bāhǎi)
    • Mala (馬喇; 马喇; Mǎlǎ)
  • Palace eunuchs and servants:
    • Hai Dafu (海大富; Hǎi Dàfù; Hoi2 Daai6-fu3) is an old eunuch who kidnaps Wei Xiaobao and brings him into the palace. He previously served the Shunzhi Emperor and was secretly tasked with investigating the death of the Shunzhi Emperor's favourite concubine, Consort Donggo. He is killed by Mao Dongzhu in a fight after he discovers that she was the one who murdered Consort Donggo.
    • Xiaoguizi (小桂子; Xiǎoguìzǐ; Siu2-gwai3-zi2) is a young eunuch and Hai Dafu's apprentice. Wei Xiaobao kills him and impersonates him.
    • Pingwei (平威; Píngwēi)
    • Lao Wu (老吳; 老吴; Lǎo Wú)
    • Eunuch Wu (烏公公; 乌公公; Wū Gōnggōng)
    • Wen Youdao (溫有道; 温有道; Wēn Yǒudào)
    • Wen Youfang (溫有方; 温有方; Wēn Yǒufāng)
    • Ruichu (蕊初; Ruìchū) is the empress dowager's personal handmaiden.
    • Dong Jinkui (董金魁; Dǒng Jīnkuí) is a eunuch who serves as the empress dowager's messenger. He is killed by Wei Xiaobao.

Heaven and Earth Society[edit]

See also: Tiandihui
  • Chen Jinnan (陳近南; 陈近南; Chén Jìnnán; Can4 Kan5-naam4) is the society's leader and a subject of the Kingdom of Tungning. He accepts Wei Xiaobao as his apprentice and teaches him martial arts. He is killed by Zheng Keshuang. This character is believed to be based on Chen Yonghua (陳永華), a prominent official in Tungning.
  • Qingmu Lodge (青木堂):
    • Lodge Master Yin (尹香主; Yǐn Xiāngzhǔ) was the previous master of the lodge. He was killed by Oboi. He is succeeded by Wei Xiaobao.
    • Qi Qingbiao (祁清彪; Qí Qīngbiāo) is nicknamed "Qi the Third" (祁老三).
    • Cui Xiazi (崔瞎子; Cuī Xiāzǐ)
    • Guan Anji (關安基; 关安基; Guān Ānjī) is nicknamed "Master Guan" (關夫子).
    • Jia Jindao (賈金刀; 贾金刀; Jiǎ Jīndāo) is Jia Laoliu's sister and Guan Anji's wife.
    • Xu Tianchuan (徐天川; Xú Tiānchuān), nicknamed "Eight Armed Ape" (八臂猿猴), is a contact person for the society.
    • Li Lishi (李力世; Lǐ Lìshì)
    • Taoist Xuanzhen (玄貞道人; 玄贞道人; Xuánzhēn Dàorén)
    • Gao Yanchao (高彥超; Gāo Yànchāo)
    • Qian Laoben (錢老本; 钱老本; Qián Láoběn)
    • Fan Gang (樊鋼; 范钢; Fàn Gāng)
    • Feng Jizhong (風際中; 风际中; Fēng Jìzhōng) is a spy planted in the society by the Kangxi Emperor. He secretly reports the society's activities to the emperor, including Wei Xiaobao's identity as one of its lodge masters. After Chen Jinnan dies, he reveals his true identity to Wei Xiaobao and tries to persuade Wei to help the emperor destroy the society, but Wei refuses. He is shot to death by Shuang'er.
  • Honghua Lodge (宏化堂):
    • Li Shikai (李式開; 李式开; Lǐ Shìkāi) is the lodge master.
    • Wu Dapeng (吳大鵬; 吴大鹏; Wú Dàpéng) is nicknamed "Cloud Touching Hand" (摩雲手).
    • Wang Tan (王潭; Wáng Tán) is nicknamed "Mountain Splitting Twin Brushes" (雙筆開山).
    • Shu Hualong (舒化龍; 舒化龙; Shū Huàlóng)
  • Chihuo Lodge (赤火堂):
    • Gu Zhizhong (古至中; Gǔ Zhìzhōng) is the lodge master.
    • Kuang Tianxiong (鄺天雄; 邝天雄; Kuàng Tiānxíong)
  • Others:
    • Wu Liuqi (吳六奇; 吴六奇; Wú Lìuqí), nicknamed "Iron Beggar" (鐵丐), is a military officer in Guangdong and a member of the Beggars' Sect. He is killed by Gui Erniang and Gui Zhong in a misunderstanding.
    • Wu Baoyu (吳寶宇; 吴宝宇; Wú Báoyǔ) is Wu Liuqi's son.
    • Cai Dezhong (蔡德忠; Cài Dézhōng) is the master of Lianhua Lodge (蓮花堂).
    • Fang Dahong (方大洪; Fāng Dàhóng) is the master of Hongshun Lodge (洪順堂).
    • Ma Chaoxing (馬超興; 马超兴; Mǎ Chāoxīng) is the master of Jiahou Lodge (家後堂).
    • Lin Yongchao (林永超; Lín Yǒngchāo) is the master of Xuanbing Lodge (玄水堂).
    • Yao Bida (姚必達; 姚必达; Yáo Bìdá) is the master of Huangtu Lodge (黃土堂).
    • Jia Laoliu (賈老六; 贾老六; Jiá Lǎolìu)
    • Ma Boren (馬博仁; 马博仁; Mǎ Bórén)
    • Lei Yixiao (雷一嘯; Léi Yīxiào)

Kingdom of Tungning[edit]

  • Koxinga (國姓爺; 国姓爷; Guóxìngyé; Gwok3-sing3-je4; "Bearer of the Imperial Family Name"), personal name Zheng Chenggong (鄭成功; 郑成功; Zhèng Chénggōng; Zeng6 Sing4-gung1), was a loyalist of the fallen Ming Empire. He wrestled control of Taiwan from the Dutch East India Company and founded the Kingdom of Tungning there. He planned to use Taiwan as a base of operations to seize back mainland China from the Manchu-led Qing Empire and restore the Ming Empire.
  • Zheng Jing (鄭經; 郑经; Zhèng Jīng; Zeng6 Ging1) is Koxinga's son and the ruler of the Kingdom of Tungning.
  • Zheng Keshuang (鄭克塽; 郑克塽; Zhèng Kèshuǎng; Zeng6 Hak1-song2) is Zheng Jing's son and the heir to his father's throne. Ake previously had a crush on him but decides to leave him after he reveals his true colours. He surrenders to the Qing Empire after the Battle of Penghu. Although Zheng Keshuang is depicted as a young adult in the novel, his real-life historical counterpart was actually only around 12 years old when Tungning was conquered by the Qing Empire.
  • The "Five Tiger Generals" (五虎將) are five military commanders who served under Koxinga. They are:
    • Feng Xifan (馮錫範; 冯锡范; Féng Xīfàn; Fung4 Sek3-faan6), nicknamed "One Sword Thrust That Draws No Blood" (一劍無血) for his formidable skill in swordplay, is a member of the Kunlun Sect and Zheng Keshuang's mentor.
    • Zhou Quanbin (周全斌; Zhōu Quánbīn)
    • Gan Hui (甘輝; 甘辉; Gān Huī)
    • Ma Xin (馬信; 马信; Mǎ Xìn)
    • Liu Guoxuan (劉國軒; 刘国轩; Líu Guóxuān)
  • Feng Xifan's household:
    • Jufang (菊芳; Júfāng) is Feng's concubine.
    • Lanxiang (蘭香; 兰香; Lánxiāng) is Feng's servant.
    • Xing Si (邢四; Xíng Sì) is Feng's stable keeper.
  • He You (何佑; Hé Yòu)

Characters associated with the fallen Ming Empire[edit]

  • Jiunan (九難; 九难; Jǐunàn; Gau2-naan4) is a Buddhist nun who is actually Princess Changping (長平公主; 长平公主; Chángpíng Gōngzhǔ; Coeng4-ping4 Gung1-zyu2) of the fallen Ming Empire. She steals the baby Ake from her mother Chen Yuanyuan and raises Ake. She intends to use Ake to help her kill Wu Sangui, who helped the Manchus conquer the Ming Empire. She meets Wei Xiaobao and agrees to accept him as her apprentice.
  • A'qi (阿琪; Ā'qí; Aa3-kei4) is one of Jiunan's apprentices. She marries the Mongol prince Galdan.
  • Li Zicheng (李自成; Lǐ Zìchéng; Lei5 Zi6-sing4), nicknamed "Dashing King" (闖王), is the leader of the rebel forces that overthrew the Ming Empire. He was defeated by forces of the Qing Empire and decided to go into hiding in Yunnan. He fathered Ake with Chen Yuanyuan.
  • Chen Yuanyuan (陳圓圓; 陈圆圆; Chén Yuányuán; Can4 Jyun4-jyun4) used to be Wu Sangui's concubine. She is Ake's mother.
  • Tao Hongying (陶红英; Táo Hóngyīng; Tou4 Hung4-jing1) is a palace maid who served as a personal attendant to Princess Changping. She continues to work in the Forbidden City after the fall of the Ming Empire. Her martial arts master ordered her to steal the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters.
  • Li Xihua (李西華; 李西华; Lǐ Xīhuá; Lei5 Sai1-waa4) is the son of Li Yan (李岩; Lǐ Yán; Lei5 Ngaam4), a former subordinate of Li Zicheng. He attempts to kill Li Zicheng to avenge his father, who was forced to commit suicide by Li Zicheng.

House of Prince Mu[edit]

  • Mu Jiansheng (沐劍聲; 沐剑声; Mù Jiànshēng; Muk6 Gim3-sing1) is a descendant of Mu Ying and the heir to a princedom in Yunnan. He remains loyal to the fallen Ming Empire and leads his followers to resist the Qing Empire. He is Mu Jianping's elder brother.
  • Liu Dahong (柳大洪; Lǐu Dàhóng; Lau5 Daai6-hung4) is nicknamed "Iron Backed Dragon" (鐵背蒼龍).
  • Wu Lishen (吳立身; 吴立身; Wú Lìshēn; Ng4 Lap6-san1) is nicknamed "Head Shaking Lion" (搖頭獅子).
  • Ao Biao (敖彪; Áo Biāo; Ngou4 Biu1) is Wu Lishen's apprentice.
  • Liu Yizhou (劉一舟; 刘一舟; Líu Yīzhōu; Lau4 Jat1-zau1) is Wu Lishen's apprentice. He betrays his fellows later.
  • Su Gang (蘇岡; 苏冈; Sū Gāng; Sou1 Gong1) is nicknamed "Sacred Hand Resident" (聖手居士). He is Bai Hanfeng's sworn brother.
  • Bai Hansong (白寒松; Bái Hánsōng; Baak6 Hon4-cung4) is Bai Hanfeng's elder brother. He is killed by Xu Tianchuan in a misunderstanding.
  • Bai Hanfeng (白寒楓; 白寒枫; Bái Hánfēng; Baak6 Hon4-fung1) is Bai Hansong's younger brother. He seeks vengeance on the Heaven and Earth Society after his brother was killed by Xu Tianchuan. Wei Xiaobao resolves the conflict between them and they become allies.

Mystic Dragon Cult[edit]

The Mystic Dragon Cult (神龍教; 神龙教; Shén Lóng Jiào; San4 Lung4 Gaau3) is a martial arts sect based on Mystic Dragon Island (神龍島), a fictional island located somewhere off the northeastern coast of China.

  • Hong Antong (洪安通; Hóng Āntōng; Hung4 On1-tung1) is the cult's leader. He is killed during the cult's internal conflict.
  • Mao Dongzhu (毛東珠; 毛东珠; Máo Dōngzhū; Mou4 Dung1-zyu1) is Mao Wenlong's daughter. She is sent by the cult to infiltrate the palace and impersonate the empress dowager. She taught the Kangxi Emperor martial arts when he was still a boy. She flees from the palace when her cover is blown. She is killed by the Gui family.
  • Liu Yan (柳燕; Lǐu Yàn; Lau5 Jin3) is Mao Dongzhu's junior. She disguises herself as a palace maid. She is killed by Fang Yi.
  • Deng Bingchun (鄧炳春; 邓炳春; Dèng Bǐngchūn; Dang6 Bing2-ceon1) is killed by Wei Xiaobao.
  • Fat Monk (胖頭陀; 胖头陀; Pàng Tóutuó; Pun4 Tau4-to4) is the cult's "Fat Venerable" (胖尊者; Pàng Zūnzhě; Pun4 Zyun1-ze2). He was once fat but gradually shrunk in size and becomes thin after being poisoned by Hong Antong. He is slain by Hong during the cult's internal conflict.
  • Thin Monk (瘦頭陀; 瘦头陀; Shòu Tóutuó; Sau3 Tau4-to4) is the cult's "Thin Venerable" (瘦尊者; Shòu Zūnzhě; Sau3 Zyun1-ze2). He was once thin but gradually becomes fat after being poisoned by Hong Antong. He is Mao Dongzhu's lover and Princess Jianning's father. He is killed by the Gui family.
  • Lu Gaoxuan (陸高軒; 陆高轩; Lù Gāoxuān)
  • Zhang Danyue (張淡月; 张淡月; Zhāng Dànyuè)
  • Taoist Wugen (無根道人; 无根道人; Wúgēn Dàorén)
  • Zhong Zhiling (鍾志靈; 钟志灵; Zhōng Zhìlíng)
  • Yin Jin (殷錦; 殷锦; Yīn Jǐn)
  • Xu Yunting (許雪亭; 许雪亭; Xú Xuětíng)
  • Yun Sumei (雲素梅; 云素梅; Yún Sùméi)
  • Zhang Laosan (章老三; Zhāng Lǎosān)

Wu Sangui and associates[edit]

  • Wu Sangui (吳三桂; 吴三桂; Wú Sānguì; Ng4 Saam1-gwai3) used to be a general of the Ming Empire. When he heard that his concubine Chen Yuanyuan was seized by Li Zicheng, he was so overwhelmed by fury that he decided to defect to the Manchus and get them to help him defeat Li. He opened Shanhai Pass, which he was supposed to be guarding, and allowed the Manchu forces to overrun the rest of the former Ming Empire and drive away Li Zicheng's forces. After the Qing Empire is established, he is awarded the title "Prince Who Pacifies the West" (平西王) and given a princedom in Yunnan. He stages a rebellion against the Qing Empire later.
  • Wu Yingxiong (吳應熊; 吴应熊; Wú Yìngxíong; Ng4 Jing3-hung4) is Wu Sangui's son. The Kangxi Emperor arranges for a marriage between Wu Yingxiong and Princess Jianning in a bid to strengthen ties with Wu Sangui. The emperor appoints Wei Xiaobao as the Imperial Commissioner to escort the princess to Yunnan and oversee the wedding. However, Jianning refuses to marry Wu Yingxiong and castrates him and accuses him of molesting her. Wu Yingxiong is later sent to the capital as a hostage to ensure that his father remains loyal to the Qing Empire. He is executed when his father starts a rebellion.
  • Xia Guoxiang (夏國相; 夏国相; Xià Guóxiàng) is the chancellor of Wu Sangui's princedom and Wu's son-in-law. He is tricked by Wei Xiaobao into releasing the assassin who made an attempt on Wu Sangui's life.
  • Ma Bao (馬寶; 马宝; Má Bǎo)
  • Master Lang (郎武師; 郎武师; Láng Wǔshī)
  • Qi Yuankai (齊元凱; 齐天凯; Qí Tiānkǎi)
  • Yang Yizhi (楊溢之; 杨溢之; Yáng Yìzhī)
  • Zhang Guogui (張國桂; 张国桂; Zhāng Guóguì)
  • Zhu Guozhi (朱國治; 朱国治; Zhū Guózhì)
  • Gan Wenkun (甘文焜; Gān Wénkūn)
  • Wang Jinbao (王進寶; 王进宝; Wáng Jìnbǎo)
  • Sun Sike (孫思克; 孙思克; Sūn Sīkè)
  • Balangxing (巴朗星; Bālǎngxīng)

Russian Empire[edit]

See also: Russian Empire
  • Sophia (蘇菲亞; 苏菲亚; Sūfēiyǎ) is a half-sister of Peter I. She becomes the regent of Russia with Wei Xiaobao's help.
  • Alexei Mikhailovich (阿萊克修斯‧米海洛維支; 阿莱克修斯‧米海洛维支; Āláikèxīusī Míhǎiluòwéizhī) was the former Tsar and Sophia's father.
  • Peter I (彼得一世; Bǐdé Yīshì) is the Tsar of Russia.
  • Ivan (伊凡; Yīfán) is Peter I's half-brother and co-ruler of Russia.
  • Natalia (娜達麗亞; 娜达丽亚; Nàdálìyǎ) is the Tsarina Dowager of Russia. She is killed by the army which defected to Sophia.
  • (Alexei) Tolbuzin (圖爾布青; 图尔布青; Tú'ěrbùqīng) is a Russian general. He argues with Wei Xiaobao over the border between the Qing Empire and Russia.
  • Yarkinsky (亞爾青斯基; 亚尔青斯基; Yà'ěrqīngsījī) is the commander of the Russian forces stationed in Albazino and Nerchinsk.
  • Fedor Golovin (費要多羅‧果羅文; 费要多罗‧果罗文; Fèiluóduōluó Guǒluówén) is a Russian envoy to the Qing Empire.
  • Sophia's bodyguards:
    • Vabersky (華伯斯基; 华伯斯基; Huàbósījī)
    • Kironov (齊洛諾夫; 齐洛诺夫; Qíluònuòfū)

Shaolin Sect[edit]

See also: Shaolin Sect
  • Huicong (晦聰; 晦聪; Huìcōng) is the abbot of Shaolin.
  • Chengguang (澄光; Chéngguāng) is the abbot of Qingliang Temple (清涼寺) on Mount Wutai. He is also one of the "Eighteen Arhats" of Shaolin.
  • Chengshi (澄識; 澄识; Chéngshí) is the head of Shaolin's Discipline Hall.
  • Chengguan (澄觀; 澄观; Chéngguān) is the head of Shaolin's Prajna Hall.
  • Chengxin (澄心; Chéngxīn)
  • Chengtong (澄通; Chéngtōng)
  • Fasheng (法勝; 法胜; Fǎshèng)
  • Jingji (淨濟; 净济; Jìngjì)
  • Jingqing (淨清; 净清; Jìngqīng)
  • Jingben (淨本; 净本; Jìngběn)
  • Jingyuan (淨源; 净源; Jìngyuán)

Wudang Sect[edit]

See also: Wudang Sect
  • Taoist Yunyan (雲雁道人; 云雁道人; Yúnyàn Dàorén)
  • Taoist Yunhe (雲鶴道人; 云鹤道人; Yúnhè Dàorén)

Wangwu Sect[edit]

  • Yuan Yifang (元義方; 元义方; Yuán Yìfāng)
  • Situ Bolei (司徒伯雷; Sītú Bóléi) is the leader of the Wangwu Sect (王屋派). He is a former subordinate of Wu Sangui.
  • Situ He (司徒鶴; 司徒鹤; Sītú Hè) is Situ Bolei's son.


See also: Dzungar Khanate
  • Galdan (葛爾丹; 葛尔丹; Gé'ěrdān; Got3-ji5-daan1) is a Mongol prince who allies with Wu Sangui when Wu rebels against the Qing Empire. He initially blames Wei Xiaobao for the failure of the revolt but is later deceived by Wei into believing that Wu Sangui betrayed him. He becomes sworn brothers with Wei. He marries A'qi later.
  • Hantiemo (罕帖摩; Hàntiēmó) is an envoy sent by Galdan to meet Wu Sangui. Wei Xiaobao tricks him into describing the full plans of Wu Sangui's rebellion and then arrests him and sends him to the Kangxi Emperor.


  • Bayan (巴顏; 巴颜; Bāyán)
  • Shengluotuo (勝羅陀; 胜罗陀; Shèngluótuó)
  • Dahe'er (達和爾; 达和尔; Dáhé'ěr)
  • Sangye (桑結; 桑结; Sāngjié)
  • Hubayin (呼巴音; Hūbāyīn)

Gui family[edit]

  • Gui Xinshu (歸辛樹; 归辛树; Guī Xīnshù; Gwai1 San1-syu6), nicknamed "Invincible Divine Fists" (神拳無敵), is a member of the Mount Hua Sect. He is killed along with his family by imperial guards.
  • Gui Erniang (歸二娘; 归二娘; Guī Èrniáng; Gwai1 Ji6-noeng4) is Gui Xinshu's wife.
  • Gui Zhong (歸鐘; 归钟; Guī Zhōng; Gwai1 Zung1) is Gui Xinshu and Gui Erniang's son. He first appeared in Sword Stained with Royal Blood as a sickly infant.

Miscellaneous characters[edit]

  • The Shunzhi Emperor (順治皇帝; 顺治皇帝; Shùnzhì Huángdì; Seon6-zi6 Wong4-dai3) was the former ruler of the Qing Empire and the Kangxi Emperor's father. He disappeared after the death of his favourite concubine, Consort Donggo, and is presumed dead. It is revealed later that he has become a monk in Qingliang Temple (清涼寺) on Mount Wutai and adopted a new name, Xingchi (行癡; 行痴; Xíngchī; Hang4-ci1). He is temporarily reunited with his son with Wei Xiaobao's help, but decides to permanently detach himself from worldly affairs and continue to be a monk. He gives some brief advice to his son on governing the empire.
  • Xingdian (行癲; 行癫; Xíngdiān; Hang4-din1) is Xingchi's junior. He possesses immense strength and once protected Xingchi from enemies at the expense of his life.
  • Mao Shiba (茅十八; Máo Shíbā; Maau4 Sap6-baat3) is an outlaw. He brings Wei Xiaobao to Beijing, where both of them are kidnapped by Hai Dafu and brought into the Forbidden City. He manages to escape and is saved by members of the Heaven and Earth Society. He meets Wei again when Wei joins the society. He accuses Wei of being a traitor when Wei is forced to help the Kangxi Emperor persecute the society. He is captured and sentenced to death but Wei saves him by making him switch places with Feng Xifan.
  • He Tieshou (何鐵手; 何铁手; Hé Tiéshǒu; Ho4 Tit3-sau2) is a character from Sword Stained with Royal Blood. She saved the female members of the Zhuang family from exile and taught them martial arts.
  • The Third Young Mistress Zhuang (莊三少奶; 庄三少奶; Zhuāng Sān Shàonǎi) is the matriarch of the Zhuang family and He Tieshou's apprentice. She leads the family after all its male members were executed by Oboi. She is grateful to Wei Xiaobao for helping them take revenge, and she tells Shuang'er to accompany him. See also the Zhuang Tinglong Case.
  • Hu Yizhi (胡逸之; Hú Yìzhī; Wu4 Jat6-zi1), nicknamed "Hundred Victorious Saber King" (百勝刀王) and "Handsome Saber King" (美刀王), is a martial artist who specialises in saber techniques. He has a crush on Chen Yuanyuan and has maintained his crush since many years ago. He follows Chen Yuanyuan to Yunnan and disguises himself so that he can remain near her and protect her from any danger. He meets Wei Xiaobao and becomes sworn brothers with him.
  • Zha Yihuang (查伊璜; Zhā Yīhuáng; Zaa1 Ji1-wong4), also known as Zha Jizuo (查繼佐; 查继佐; Zhā Jìzuǒ; Zaa1 Gai3-zo3), is a scholar from Haining. This character is purportedly an ancestor of Jin Yong, whose real name is Zha Liangyong.
  • Ma Boren (馬博仁; 马博仁; Mǎ Bórén) is the leader of the Tantui Sect (潭腿門).
  • Lei Yixiao (雷一嘯; 雷一啸; Léi Yīxiào) is nicknamed "Tiger-Faced Hegemon King" (虎面霸王).
  • Wu Tong (武通; Wǔ Tōng), nicknamed "Golden Spear King" (金槍王), is the leader of the Wusheng Escort Agency (武勝鏢局).
  • Shenzhao Shangren (神照上人; Shénzhào Shàngrén)
  • Song San (宋三; Sòng Sān) is nicknamed "Swift Horse" (快馬).
  • Yu Ba (于八; Yú Bā) is nicknamed "One Stroke Less" (少一劃).
  • Xinxi (心溪; Xīnxī) is the abbot of Foguang Temple (佛光寺) on Mount Wutai.
  • Yao Chun (姚春; Yáo Chūn) is a physician.
  • Huangfu Ge (皇甫閣; 皇甫阁; Huángfǔ Gé)
  • He Sheng (何盛; Hé Shèng)
  • Adam Schall von Bell (湯若望; 汤若望; Tāng Ruòwàng)
  • Ferdinand Verbiest (南懷仁; 南怀仁; Nánhuáirén) is a Flemish Jesuit missionary who visits China.
  • Gu Yanwu (顧炎武; 顾炎武; Gù Yánwǔ)
  • Huang Zongxi (黄宗羲; Huáng Zōngxī)
  • Lü Liuliang (呂留良; 吕留良; Lǚ Líuliáng)

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