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Wei Yingwu (traditional Chinese: 韋應物; simplified Chinese: 韦应物; pinyin: Wéi Yìngwù; Wade–Giles: Wei Ying-wu; 737?–791?) was a Chinese poet of the Tang dynasty. Twelve of Wei's poems were included in the influential Three Hundred Tang Poems anthology.


Wei Yingwu was born around 737.[1]

According to John C. H. Wu, the turbulence and lack of strong central leadership of China during Wei Yingwu's poetry-writing years was a major influencing factor upon his work. One example of such sociopolitical turmoil is the An Shi Rebellion of 755-763. Wu suggests that images such as the boat moving without a person steering in "At Chuzhou on the Western Stream" is a reference to the ship of state without a person at the helm.[2]

He died around 791.[1]


Wei Yingwu poems collected in Three Hundred Tang Poems were translated by Witter Bynner as:

  • "Entertaining Literary Men in my Official Residence on a Rainy Day"
  • "Setting Sail on the Yangzi to Secretary Yuan"
  • "A Poem to a Taoist Hermit Chuanjiao Mountain"
  • "On Meeting my Friend Feng Zhu in the Capital"
  • "Mooring at Twilight in Yuyi District"
  • "East of the Town"
  • "To my Daughter on Her Marriage Into the Yang Family"
  • "A Greeting on the Huai River to my Old Friends from Liangchuan"
  • "A Farewell in the Evening Rain to Li Cao"
  • "To my Friends Li Dan and Yuanxi"
  • "An Autumn Night Message to Qiu"
  • "At Chuzhou on the Western Stream"


Wei Yingwu was translated by Red Pine (Bill Porter) as In Such Hard Times: The Poetry of Wei Ying-wu (Copper Canyon Press, 2009), for which he won the Best Translated Book Award, from the book translation press of the University of Rochester; and the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA)'s inaugural Lucien Stryk Asian Translation Prize in 2010.


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