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Weierstrass p
Weierstrass p

In mathematics, the Weierstrass p (℘, ), also called pe, is used for Weierstrass's elliptic functions. It is occasionally used for the power set,[1] although for that purpose a cursive capital, rather than lower-case, p is more widespread. It is named after the German mathematician Karl Weierstrass.

Its Unicode code point is U+2118 script capital p (HTML ℘ · ℘). The naming is incorrect, because it is always a lowercase letter, but this error is not corrected in later versions in order to keep the Unicode standard stable.[2] The TeX code for this character is \wp.

Starting with Unicode 3.0.1, a separate, capital symbol is available for power set, namely U+1D4AB 𝒫 MATHEMATICAL SCRIPT CAPITAL P (HTML 𝒫), which is available as 𝒫 in HTML5.[3][4] As of 2009, only a few specialized OpenType fonts support this code point.


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