Weigh House (Leiden)

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View of the Weigh House. Photo is mirror reversed.

Leiden: De Waag

The Leiden Weigh House (De Waag in Dutch) is a Rijksmonument located on Aalmarkt street (nr. 21).

It was designed by Pieter Post around 1657 and opened in 1659.[1] For centuries, merchants came here to weigh and trade a variety of goods. In addition to being a weigh house, the Leiden Weigh House has hosted a variety of engagements and stately celebrations over the centuries. Notably, Govert Bidloo converted an attic room into an autopsy room to study the human body.[2]

The weigh house was in use as an actual weigh house until 1972, when the last unit of cheese was sold.[3] Nowadays, the building serves as a cultural monument, houses a gallery, is used as a concert hall, and can even host matrimonial ceremonies.[4][5]


Weigh house, circa 1900

Coordinates: 52°09′34″N 4°29′25″E / 52.1594°N 4.4904°E / 52.1594; 4.4904