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This article details the qualifying phase for weightlifting at the 2020 Summer Olympics. The competition at these Games includes 196 athletes. Each competing nation is allowed to enter a maximum of 8 competitors, 4 men and 4 women.[1]


For each weight class, 14 weightlifters qualify. These places are allocated as follows:[1]

  • 8 from the ranking list of 30 April 2020
  • 5 continental places from that ranking list, with one per continent limited to NOCs without other qualified athletes
  • 1 from either the host (6 weight classes) or Tripartite Commission invitation (8 weight classes)

An NOC could only qualify one athlete per weight class. The maximum number of athletes per NOC could be limited due to anti-doping violations. If an NOC had between 10 and 19 violations from the 2008 Summer Olympics period through the end of 2020 qualifying, it was limited to two men and two women. If the NOC had 20 or more violations, it was limited to one man and one woman.[1]

Places earned by the ranking list (including continental places) or Tripartite Commission were awarded to the specific athlete by name. Places for the host nation were awarded to the NOC, which could allocate them among the various weight classes. If Japanese weightlifters qualified through the ranking list, the number of host nation places would decrease (that is, the host places would only be used if Japan qualified fewer than three men and three women, and only so many as needed to bring Japan up to those numbers would be used). Unused host places would be awarded through the world ranking list.[1]

Ranking points could be earned at various weightlifting events with a multiplier based on the level of event (gold events had a 1.1 multiplier, silver 1.05, and bronze 1.0). The best results in each of three periods were considered (1 November 2018 – 30 April 2019; 1 May 2019 – 31 October 2019; 1 November 2019 – 30 April 2020) along with the overall best result. To qualify, the weightlifter must have competed in at least one event in each of the three periods, have competed in at least six events overall, and have competed in at least one gold-level event and one other gold- or silver-level event. These restrictions were loosened for athletes using host nation quota places (who needed only one event in each period and one gold- or silver-level event) and Tripartite Commission invitation places (two events overall, including at least one gold- or silver-level).[1]

Eligible ranking events were:[1]

  • Gold - World and continental championships
  • Silver - IWF events, including multi-sport games and championships
  • Bronze - other international competitions

Qualified Players

2018 World Weightlifting Championships (Ashgabat, Turkmenistan)
Name Events Country
Eko Yuli Irawan Men's 61 Kg  Indonesia
Chen Lijun Men's 67 Kg  China
Shi Zhiyong Men's 73 Kg  China
Lü Xiaojun Men's 81 Kg  China
Sohrab Moradi Men's 96 Kg  Iran
Simon Martirosyan Men's 109 Kg  Armenia
Lasha Talakhadze Men's +109 Kg  Georgia
Chayuttra Pramongkhol Women's 49 Kg  Thailand
Sukanya Srisurat Women's 55 Kg  Thailand
Kuo Hsing-chun Women's 59 Kg  Chinese Taipei
Deng Wei Women's 64 Kg  China
Ao Hui Women's 87 Kg  China
Tatiana Kashirina Women's +87 Kg  Russia
2019 EGAT's Cup International Weightlifting Championships
Name Event Country
Itokazu Yochi Men's 61 Kg  Japan
Baru Morea Men's 61 Kg  Papua New Guinea
Deni Men's 67 Kg  Indonesia
Jeremy Lalrinnunga Men's 67 Kg  India
Triyatno Men's 73 Kg  Indonesia
Bak Juhyo Men's 73 Kg  South Korea
Samenov Nurlybek Men's 81 Kg  Kazakhstan
You Jaesik Men's 81 Kg  South Korea
Rostami Kianoush Men's 96 Kg  Iran
Han Junghoon Men's 96 Kg  South Korea
Seo Hui-yeop Men's 109 Kg  South Korea
Bersanov Ibragim Men's 109 Kg  Kazakhstan
Ham Sangil Men's +109 Kg  South Korea
David Andrew Liti Men's +109 Kg  New Zealand
Chanu Saikhom Mirabai Women's 49 Kg  India
Hiromi Miyake Women's 49 Kg  Japan
Huihua Jiang Women's 55 Kg  China
Ayana Sadoyama Women's 55 Kg  Japan
Luo Xiaomin Women's 59 Kg  China
Zhang Yujuan Women's 59 Kg  China
Huang Ting Women's 64 Kg  China
Kiana Rose Elliott Women's 64 Kg  Australia
Su Xiaoqiong Women's 76 Kg  China
Kim Suhyeong Women's 76 Kg  South Korea
Marissa Eileen Klingseis Women's 87 Kg  United States
Mami Shimamoto Women's 87 Kg  Japan
Zhou Xiaoman Women's +87 Kg  China
Jia Weipeng Women's +87 Kg  China
2019 IWF World Cup
Name Event Country
Thạch Kim Tuấn Men's 61 Kg  Vietnam
Pak Jong-ju Men's 67 Kg  North Korea
Huang Minhao Men's 67 Kg  China
Wei Yinting Men's 73 Kg  China
Yuan Chengfei Men's 73 Kg  China
Choe Jon-wi Men's 81 Kg  North Korea
Egor Klimonov Men's 96 Kg  Russia
Tian Fuxuan Men's 96 Kg  China
Zhe Yang Men's 109 Kg  China
Rodion Bochkov Men's 109 Kg  Russia
Al Yunan Men's +109 Kg  China
Li Yajun Women's 55 Kg  China
Chen Guiming Women's 59 Kg  China
Choe Hyo-sim Women's 59 Kg  North Korea
Rim Un-sim Women's 64 Kg  North Korea
Zhang Wangli Women's 76 Kg  China
Kim Un-ju Women's 87 Kg  North Korea
Meng Suping Women's +87 Kg  China
2019 European Weightlifting Championships
Name Events Country
Henadz Laptseu Men's 61 Kg  Belarus
Bernardin Matam Men's 67 Kg  France
Bozhidar Andreev Men's 73 Kg  Bulgaria
Antonino Pizzolato Men's 81 Kg  Italy
Yauheni Tsikhantsou Men's 96 Kg  Belarus
Elena Andrieș Women's 49 Kg  Romania
Joanna Łochowska Women's 55 Kg  Poland
Rebeka Koha Women's 59 Kg  Latvia
Loredana Toma Women's 64 Kg  Romania
Darya Naumava Women's 76 Kg  Belarus
Kseniia Paskhina Women's 87 Kg  Russia
2019 Asian Weightlifting Championships
Name Event Country
Li Fabin Men's 61 Kg  China
Li Dayin Men's 81 Kg  China
Tian Tao Men's 96 Kg  China
Yang Zhe Men's 109 Kg  China
Ali Davoudi Men's +109 Kg  Iran
Hou Zhihui Women's 49 Kg  China
Liao Qiuyun Women's 55 Kg  China
Rim Jong-sim Women's 76 Kg  North Korea
Wang Zhouyu Women's 87 Kg  China
Li Wenwen Women's +87 Kg  China
2019 Pan American Weightlifting Championships
Name Event Country
Antonio Vázquez Men's 61 Kg  Mexico
Jonathan Muñoz Men's 67 Kg  Mexico
Clarence Cummings Men's 73 Kg  United States
Brayan Rodallegas Men's 81 Kg  Colombia
Jhonatan Rivas Men's 96 Kg  Colombia
Wesley Kitts Men's 109 Kg  United States
Caine Wilkes Men's +109 Kg  United States
Alyssa Ritchey Women's 49 Kg  United States
Jourdan Delacruz Women's 55 Kg  United States
Rosive Silgado Women's 59 Kg  Colombia
Mercedes Pérez Women's 64 Kg  Colombia
Neisi Dajomes Women's 76 Kg  Ecuador
Crismery Santana Women's 87 Kg  Dominican Republic
Sarah Robles Women's +87 Kg  United States
2019 African Weightlifting Championships
Name Event Country
Amine Bouhijba Men's 61 Kg  Tunisia
Ahmed Saad Men's 67 Kg  Egypt
Karem Ben Hnia Men's 73 Kg  Tunisia
Mohamed Ihab Men's 81 Kg  Egypt
Mohamed Selim Men's 96 Kg  Egypt
Gaber Mohamed Men's 109 Kg  Egypt
Walid Bidani Men's +109 Kg  Algeria
Heba Saleh Women's 49 Kg  Egypt
Chika Amalaha Women's 55 Kg  Nigeria
Chinenye Fidelis Women's 59 Kg  Nigeria
Esraa El-Sayed Women's 64 Kg  Egypt
Sara Ahmed Women's 76 Kg  Egypt
Samar Said Women's 87 Kg  Egypt
Halima Abdelazim Women's +87 Kg  Egypt


Gold Level[edit]

Event Date Venue
2018 World Championships November 1–10, 2018 Turkmenistan Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
2019 European Championships April 6–13, 2019 Georgia (country) Batumi, Georgia
2019 Asian Championships April 20–30, 2019 China Ningbo, China
2019 Pan American Championships April 23–27, 2019 Guatemala Guatemala City, Guatemala
2019 African Championships April 25–29, 2019 Egypt Cairo, Egypt
2019 Pan-American Junior Championships May 20–28, 2019 Cuba La Habana, Cuba
2019 World Junior Championships June 1–8, 2019 Fiji Suva, Fiji
2019 European Junior Championships July 7–15, 2019 Moldova Chisinau, Moldova
2019 Oceania Championships July 9–14, 2019 Samoa Apia, Samoa
2019 Oceania Junior Championships July 9–14, 2019 Samoa Apia, Samoa
2019 World Championships September 18–27, 2019 Thailand Pattaya, Thailand
2019 Asian Junior Championships October 20–27, 2019 North Korea Pyongyang, North Korea

Silver Level[edit]

Event Date Venue
2019 EGAT's Cup International Championships February 7–10, 2019 Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand
2019 IWF World Cup February 22–27, 2019 China Fuzhou, China
2019 International Fajr Cup March 1–5, 2019 Iran Tehran, Iran
2019 African Zone 2 Regional Championship March 2–7, 2019 Kenya Nairobi, Kenya
2019 IWF Grand Prix – ODESUR CSLP May 11–12, 2019 Peru Lima, Peru
2019 Japan-China-Korea Friendship Tournament July 6–7, 2019 Japan Tokyo, Japan
2019 Pan American Games July 27–30, 2019 Peru Lima, Peru
2019 Pacific Games July 9–14, 2019 Samoa Apia, Samoa
2019 Mediterranean Cup October 4–6, 2019 San Marino Serravalle, San Marino
2019 Southeast Asian Games November 30–December 10, 2019 Philippines Olongapo, Philippines


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