Gettys-Black divide

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Gettys-Black divide
Gettysburg Topographical Map.jpg
The northern part of the divide is roughly along a Union line (blue) during the Battle of Gettysburg (the map inaccurately depicts Big Round Top west of Plum Run).
Highest point
Peak Big Round Top (north slope[verification needed])
Elevation [specify]
Coordinates 39°47′10.73″N 77°14′21.15″W / 39.7863139°N 77.2392083°W / 39.7863139; -77.2392083
Etymology Gettys Tavern & Black's Mill
Location northern point (confluence of Stevens Cr/Rock Cr)
Country United States
State Pennsylvania
County Adams
Range coordinates 39°50′12.77″N 77°13′17.5″W / 39.8368806°N 77.221528°W / 39.8368806; -77.221528Coordinates: 39°50′12.77″N 77°13′17.5″W / 39.8368806°N 77.221528°W / 39.8368806; -77.221528

The Gettys-Black divide is the primary drainage divide of Cumberland Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania; extending from the mouth of Stevens Creek southward past Samuel Gettys' 1761 tavern ~7 miles to the mouth of Plum Run at the dam site for Robert Black's 1798 Mill.[1] From a ridge within the Gettysburg borough,[specify] the divide extends southward across several strategic features of the Gettysburg Battlefield:

The divide descends the east slope of Big Round Top and passes north of a drainage, then extends south-southeast across farm fields near the Taneytown Road to Rock Creek at the unincorporated community of Barlow, Pennsylvania.


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