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Weiner is a surname or, in fact, the spelling of two different surnames originating in German and the closely related Yiddish language. In German, the name is pronounced [vaɪnɐ(ʁ)], of which the rare English pronunciation /vnər/ is a close approximation.[1][2] In Yiddish, the name is pronounced almost as in southern German (with a flapped or trilled final r).

Outside of German-speaking countries, the pronunciation of the name is influenced by the local language's pronunciation and spelling habits. The pronunciation perhaps most commonly preferred by families in English-speaking countries is /wnər/, but the pronunciation /wnər/ is also very common, despite being the result of confusion with the surname Wiener and confusion with the fairly common pronunciation // of the letter combination "ei" in English.[1][2]

The German name Weiner comes from a dialectal pronunciation of Wagner (related to the English word wagon, but only indirectly with wag[g]oner, which means "wagon driver"),[3] which means "wainwright" (wagon maker). The source of the other name that is spelled Weiner is Yiddish, and according to dictionaries of Jewish surnames, it probably originates from the Yiddish name Vayner, meaning wine merchant and related to the German word Wein, which means “wine”. Both the Yiddish name and the German word are pronounced with the same vowel as the English word.[1][2]

The name is common among German Americans. See also German family name etymology.

Weiner may refer to the following persons:


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