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The Weingart Center for the Homeless is a comprehensive human services center for homeless men and women living in Skid Row, Los Angeles. It provides on-site short and long-term services including transitional residential housing, medical & mental health, permanent supportive housing, substance abuse recovery, education, workforce development, long term case management. The Weingart Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.[1]

The Weingart Center for the Homeless has five facilities in one block, plus a walk-in access center, totaling 170,000 sq. ft. the Weingart Center serves 6000 homeless people and provides 253,000 meals annually. The Weingart Center is located at 566 South San Pedro Street in the building that was once the El Rey Hotel, designed in 1923 by architect Charles F. Whittlesey.[2]


In 1951, Ben and Stella Weingart, who had become rich from real estate in Los Angeles, started the Weingart Foundation. In 1983, the foundation created the Weingart Center with the donation of a building.[3] In 1997, Weingart Center opened its Access Center broadening its reach with a wide range of other social services such as HIV and STD testing, veteran services and referrals. In October 2009, Weingart Center opened the Center for Community Health providing health care, dental, optometry and mental health services to low-income and homeless men and women. In July 2010, The Weingart Center Garden Project opened as the first green space in Skid Row.[4]

In 2004, the Weingart Center, along with the Ahmanson Foundation and the Annenberg Foundation founded the Skid Row Homeless Healthcare Initiative (SRHHI). SRHHI had 26 member organizations and hospitals, and ceased operation in 2008.[5]


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