Weinheimer Senioren-Convent

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Weinheimer Senioren-Convent
The castle Wachenburg in Weinheim is the symbol of the Weinheimer Senioren-Convent. It was specifically designed and built as fraternity meeting point in 1907-13 by the alumni WSC's organization WVAC.
April 7, 1863 in
Frankfurt am Main
Member fraterities
58 Weinheimer Corps
in 23 University cities (2012)
Jemer bereit stan!
(Always be ready!)
Alumni organization
Weinheimer Verband Alter Corpsstudenten (WVAC)
CORPS - Das Magazin
(four publications per year)
Büro des WVAC
Friedrichstraße 32
69469 Weinheim

Map of the Corps in Europe:
Corps in Europa.

The Weinheimer Senioren-Convent (abbreviation: WSC) is the second oldest association of German Studentenverbindungen. It comprises roughly 60 German Corps, all of which are based upon the principle of tolerance.

The WSC had been founded in Frankfurt in 1863 under the name of „Allgemeiner Senioren-Convent" (ASC). Soon it moved its venue to Weinheim near Heidelberg in 1864 and it adopted the name of Weinheimer Senioren Convent in 1867. The WSC has built a castle near Weinheim to suit their needs - the Wachenburg. It has merged the Corps of the Rudolstädter Senioren-Convent (RSC) and the Naumburger Senioren-Convent (NSC) in 1934. Since 1955 the WSC has an association treaty with the Kösener Senioren-Convents-Verband (abbreviated KSCV, the oldest and largest association of Corps).

In 1997, members of the Weinheimer Senioren Convents (WSC "Corps") came to the United States to discuss the possibility of forming an international fraternity cooperation with Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity, the largest collegiate social fraternity in North America. Through this meeting a fraternal exchange program was created between TKE and the German Corps whereby Corps members and Tekes could visit one another, learn one another's traditions, and see how fraternities separated by an ocean and centuries in age share similarities in structure, direction, values, programs, and results.[1]

Coats of arms of member Corps at the entrance to the Wachenburg castle

List of Corps[edit]

In alphabetic order with Corps present on the English Wikipedia (links in blue) first. Pages in the German Wikipedia can further be reached by clicking on the (de).

Corps Location Senioren-Convent Foundation WSC entry Color Crest "Zirkel" Cartel Frat house
Marko-Guestphalia Aachen (de)[2] Aachen SC zu Aachen 1871 1871
Wappen-Marko-Guestphalia-Aachen.png Zirkel-Marko-Guestphalia-Aachen.png .Haus.
Delta Aachen[3] Aachen SC zu Aachen 1871 1903
Montania Aachen[4] Aachen SC zu Aachen 1872 1920
Saxo-Montania zu Freiberg und Dresden in Aachen (de)[5] Aachen SC zu Aachen 1798 1873
Saxo-Montania Wappen.JPG Saxo-Montaia Zirkel.JPG .Haus.
Palaeo-Teutonia (Teutonia Freiberg) Aachen (de)[6] Aachen SC zu Aachen 1867
Zirkel vivat.jpg Viererbund Haus Corps Palaeo-Teutonia.jpg
Saxonia-Berlin zu Aachen[7] Aachen SC zu Aachen 1867 1891
Fünferbund .Haus.
Franconia Fribergensis (de)[8] Aachen SC zu Aachen 1838 1882
Corps Franconia Fribergensis - Wappen.png Corps Franconia Fribergensis - Zirkel.svg .Haus.
Rhenania ZAB (de)[9] Braunschweig SC zu Braunschweig 1855 1863
Fünferbund .Haus.
Teutonia-Hercynia Braunschweig (de)[10] Braunschweig SC zu Braunschweig 1866 1876
Göttingen Teutonia-Hercynia 2014-10-18b.JPG
Marchia Braunschweig[11] Braunschweig SC zu Braunschweig 1893 1927
Frisia Braunschweig[12] Braunschweig SC zu Braunschweig 1881 1920
black-gold-light blue
Corps Berlin (de)[13][14] Berlin SC zu Braunschweig 1859/2009 1891
Corps Berlin 320.png Zirkel-corps-berlin.svg Blaues Kartell .Haus.
Hercynia Clausthal (de)[15] Clausthal SC zu Clausthal 1866 1874/1905
light blue-white-dark blue
Corps Hercynia Clausthal - Wappen.jpg Corps Hercynia Clausthal - Zirkel.svg Clausthal TU Verbindung C Hercynia.JPG
Montania Clausthal (de)[16] Clausthal SC zu Clausthal 1868 1874/1905
Corps Montania Clausthal (Wappen).jpg Corps Montania Clausthal - Zirkel.svg Viererbund Corpshaus Montania Clausthal.JPG
Borussia Clausthal[17] Clausthal SC zu Clausthal 1875 1892
Corps Borussia Clausthal - Zirkel.svg Clausthal TU Verbindung C Borussia.JPG
Hassia Darmstadt (de)[18] Darmstadt SC zu Darmstadt 1840 1874
Darmstadt - Corps Hassia 5.jpg Darmstadt - Corps Hassia 1.jpg
Rhenania Darmstadt[19] Darmstadt SC zu Darmstadt 1872 1874
Franconia Darmstadt (de)[20] Darmstadt SC zu Darmstadt 1889 1895
Zirkel franconia darmstadt.jpg .Haus.
Obotritia Darmstadt[21] Darmstadt SC zu Darmstadt 1861 ..
Chattia Darmstadt[22] Darmstadt SC zu Darmstadt 1894 ..
Hermunduria Leipzig zu Mannheim-Heidelberg[23] Mannheim SC zu Darmstadt 1898 1934
Wappen Hermunduria.JPG Zirkel Hermunduria.JPG .Haus.
Rheno-Nicaria zu Mannheim und Heidelberg (Rheno-Nicaria zu Mannheim und Heidelberg|de)[24] Mannheim SC zu Darmstadt 1909 1953
Zirkel Rheno Nicaria.JPG CorpshausRhenoNicaria.jpg
Franconia Berlin zu Kaiserslautern[25] Kaiserslautern SC zu Darmstadt 1850 ..
Corps Franconia Berlin zu Kaiserslautern.jpg greenes Kartell .Haus.
Thuringia Heidelberg[26] Heidelberg SC zu Darmstadt 1908 1995
Saxonia Hannover (de)[27] Hannover SC zu Hannover 1852 1863
WappenSaxonia.jpg Saxenkartell Saxenhaus2006.jpg
Slesvico-Holsatia Hannover (de)[28] Hannover SC zu Hannover 1852 1869
WappenCSH.jpg ZirkelCSH.jpg Fünferbund .Haus.
Alemannia-Thuringia zu Magdeburg (de)[29] Magdeburg SC zu Hannover 1865 1874
CAT AT Wappen COLOR.png Alemannenzirkel.png .Haus.
Hannovera Hannover (de)[30] Hannover SC zu Hannover 1866
Hannovera Hannover 2013-07-28b Wappen in der Kneipe.jpg Hannoverazirkel.png Hannovera Hannover 2013-07-28a.jpg
Hannoverania Hannover[31] Hannover SC zu Hannover 1856
Corps hannoverania Hannover wappen.png Corps Hannoverania Hannover Zirkel.svg Blaues Kartell .Haus.
Normannia Hannover (de)[32] Hannover SC zu Hannover 1859 1952
Wappen Normannia Hannover.jpg Zirkel Normannia Vektorgrafik.jpg greenes Kartell Normannenhaus2009.JPG
Irminsul Hamburg (de)[33] Hamburg SC zu Hannover 1880 1934[34]
light blue-silber-black
Wappen Corps Irminsul HH.jpg Zirkel Corps Irminsul HH.jpg whitees Kartell Haus Corps Irminsul HH.jpg
Rhenania Hamburg[35] Hamburg SC zu Hannover 1920 ..
Hamburg Rhenania 2012-10-08a.jpg
Agronomia Hallensis zu Göttingen (de)[36] Göttingen SC zu Hannover 1863 1934[37]
Haus der Agronomia.jpg
Alemannia Kiel[38] Kiel SC zu Hannover 1876 ..
Corps Alemannia Kiel (Wappen).jpg .Haus.
Baltica-Borussia Danzig zu Bielefeld (de)[39] Bielefeld SC zu Hannover 1860 1905[40]
light blue-black-white
Zirkel Baltica-Borussia.JPG .Haus.
Frisia Göttingen – Corps der Friesen und Lüneburger (de)[41] Göttingen SC zu Hannover 1811 2004
Haus des Göttinger Corps Frisia.jpg
Franconia Karlsruhe (de)[42] Karlsruhe SC zu Karlsruhe 1839 1863
Vollwappen Corps Franconia Karlsruhe.png Zirkel Corps Franconia Karlsruhe.png Fünferbund .Haus.
Saxonia Karlsruhe (de)[43] Karlsruhe SC zu Karlsruhe 1856 1863
Saxenwappen KA.jpg Zirkel Saxonia Karlsruhe.JPG Saxenkartell Corps Saxonia Karlsruhe Haus Werderstrasse.PNG
Alemannia Karlsruhe (de)[44] Karlsruhe SC zu Karlsruhe 1860 1863
white-light blue-pink
Wappen Corps Alemannia Karlsruhe.jpg Corps Alemannia Karlsruhe - Corpshaus.jpg
Friso-Cheruskia Karlsruhe (de)[45] Karlsruhe SC zu Karlsruhe 1860 1863
light blue-white-dark blue
Friso-cheruskia zirkel.jpg .Haus.
Silingia Breslau zu Köln (de)[46] Köln SC zu Köln (vormals SC zu Köln-Bonn) 1877 1926[47]
Zirkel Silingia.jpg Corpshaus Silingia.jpg
Franco-Guestphalia zu Köln[48] Köln SC zu Köln (vormals SC zu Köln-Bonn) 1879 1934 [49]
whitees Kartell .Haus.
Cisaria (de)[50] München Münchner SC, Weinheimer Corps 1851 1912
Zirkel Cisaria.jpg Cisarenhaus.JPG
Vitruvia[51] München Münchner SC, Weinheimer Corps 1863 1912
Germania München (de)[52] München Münchner SC, Weinheimer Corps 1863 1912
Zirkel 1927.JPG Germania Munich Corpshaus.JPG
Suevo-Guestphalia (de)[53] München Münchner SC, Weinheimer Corps 1877 1906[54]
Corps Suevo Guestphalia Wappen.png Corps Suevo Guestphalia Zirkel.png greenes Kartell Corps Suevo Guestphalia Corpshaus.jpg
Normannia-Vandalia[55] München Münchner SC, Weinheimer Corps 1869 1911
Saxo-Thuringia (de)[56] München Münchner SC, Weinheimer Corps 1882 1934[57]
light blue-white-orange
Wappen des Corps Saxo-Thuringia Muenchen.png NeuerZirkel.jpg Blaues Kartell .Haus.
Alemannia München (de)[58] München Münchner SC, Weinheimer Corps 1855 1934[59]
Pomerania-Silesia Bayreuth[60][61] Bayreuth Münchner SC, Weinheimer Corps 1865 ..
light blue-white-gold
Corps Pomerania-Silesia (Wappen).jpg .Haus.
Saxo-Borussia Freiberg (de)[62] Freiberg Sächsischer SC 1842 ..
Altsachsen Dresden (de)[63] Dresden Sächsischer SC 1861 1927

Band des Corps Altsachsen Dresden.png

Wappen des Corps Altsachsen Dresden.png Zirkel of Corps Altsachsen Dresden.png Blaues Kartell Corps Altsachsen Winternacht.png
Teutonia Dresden[64] Dresden Sächsischer SC 1859 1875
Vollwappen Teutonia Dresden.jpg Zirkel Teutonia Dresden.jpg Viererbund Corpshaus Teutonia Dresden.jpg
Teutonia Stuttgart (de)[65] Stuttgart SC zu Stuttgart 1852 1863
Corps Teutonia Zirkel.jpg Viererbund
Rhenania Stuttgart[66] Stuttgart SC zu Stuttgart 1859 1863
Stauffia Stuttgart (de)[67] Stuttgart SC zu Stuttgart 1847 1863
Wappen stauffia.jpg Fünferbund Corpshaus Corps Stauffia.JPG
Bavaria Stuttgart[68] Stuttgart SC zu Stuttgart 1886 ..
light blue-white-dark blue
Germania Hohenheim (de)[69] Hohenheim SC zu Stuttgart 1903 1922
Marchia Greifswald (de)[70] Greifswald ohne 1881 1934[71]
Großes Corpswappen Marchia-Greifswald.JPG Zirkel Corps Marchia Greifswald.gif whitees Kartell HGW Stralsunder Strasse 9.JPG


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