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Weirdohs officlogo.gif
GenreCGI animation
Created byBill Campbell
Directed byEzekiel Norton
James Boshier
Voices ofKathleen Barr
Cusse Mankuma
Tabitha St. Germain
Theme music composerMark Berry
Robert Buckley
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes13 (26 segments)
Executive producer(s)Christopher J. Brough
Ian Pearson
Mark Ralston
Running time10 minutes (each segment)
21 minutes
Production company(s)Decode Entertainment
Mainframe Entertainment
Distributor DHX Distribution
Corus Entertainment
Original networkFox Family
Original releaseSeptember 15, 1999 (1999-09-15) – February 6, 2002 (2002-02-06)

Weird-Oh's is a short-lived American/Canadian computer animated series produced by DHX Media. The series originally aired on Fox Family in the United States and YTV in Canada. It starred a cast of deformed characters and their misadventures in Weirdsville, a place just off Route 66. Among the cast of characters were 3 main characters named Digger, Eddie and Portia. It featured a beginning sequence where the characters would be seen racing (similar to the product the series was based on of the same name). Only 13 episodes of the series were ever produced.[1]

The concept and characters were based on the Weird-Ohs series of polystyrene model kits by the Hawk Company. The characters in the model kits were popular in the early 1960s as satire on America's car culture.[2]


  • Digger (voiced by Kathleen Barr): Portia's brother.
  • Eddie (voiced by Cusse Mankuma): Digger's best friend.
  • Portia (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain): Digger's big sister.
  • Daddy-O Chassis (voiced by Scott McNeil): Digger and Portia's dad. He's a teacher at their school.
  • Mama-B Chassis (voiced by Kathleen Barr): Digger and Portia's mom. She owns Mama-B's Diner.
  • Baby Chassis (voiced by Ian James Corlett): Digger and Portia's baby brother.
  • Davey (voiced by Scott McNeil): A biker and Portia's crush, who doesn't notice her. He loves his motorcycle.
  • Wade (voiced by Ian James Corlett): A snobby rich kid and Digger's rival. Wade has a crush on Portia, who doesn't reciprocate his feelings.
  • Killer McBash (voiced by Scott McNeil): Wade's bodyguard/valet/driver.
  • Leaky Boat Louie (voiced by Mark Acheson): A big sailor guy who has various jobs, similar to Hollywood from 2 Stupid Dogs.
  • Uncle Huey (voiced by Garry Chalk): A hillbilly driving a car similar to the Arkansas Chuggabug 8 from Wacky Races. He has a pet crocodile/alligator named Carry-On.
  • Slingrave Curvette (voiced by Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff): A one-time substitute teacher and later principal. She makes occasional appearances as a Vanna White-like game show co-host/model.

Home Media[edit]

The series was released in 2000 as a set of three videotapes titled "Lights, Camera, Traction", "Wheel Trouble", and "Traffic Jam". YTV released the entire series on DVD in 2005. These items were never published in large quantities and remain rare.


The show initially aired on Fox Family in 1999 but was cancelled. It moved to YTV for the 2000 season and was cancelled in 2002.


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