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Weiss or Weiß, also written Weis or Weisz, pronounced like "vice", is a German and Jewish surname, meaning 'white' in both German and Yiddish. It comes from Middle High German wîz (white, blonde) and Old High German (h)wīz (white, bright, shining).[1]

Persons with that name include:


  • Al Weiss, (born 1954), president of worldwide operations for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
  • André Weiß (born 1983), German former footballer
  • Andrew Weiss (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Anthony S. Weiss (fl. 1998), McCaughey Chair and Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Sydney, Australia
  • Arnold Weiss (1924–2010), German-born refugee from Nazi Germany who emigrated to the United States where he became an intelligence officer
  • Armin Weiss (1927–2010), German chemist and politician
  • Avi Weiss (fl. 1968), an American Modern Orthodox rabbi who heads the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale


  • Bari Weiss (born 1984), American opinion writer and editor
  • Bernhard Weiss (1827–1918), German Biblical scholar
  • Bianca Weiß (born 1968), German field hockey player
  • Bill Weiss (1925–2011), American baseball historian and statistician
  • Birte Weiss (born 1941), Danish journalist and politician
  • Bob Weiss (born 1942), American basketball player and coach
  • Brian Weiss (born 1944), American psychiatrist and hypnotherapist




  • Edmund Weiss (1837–1917), Austrian astronomer
  • Emanuel Weiss (1906–1944), New York organized crime figure, executed for murder
  • Eric Weiss, fictional character, introduced in 2001 on the television series Alias
  • Ernst August Weiß (1900–1942), German mathematician
  • Ehrich Weiss, real name of Harry Houdini (1874–1926), Hungarian-American illusionist and stunt performer






  • Jack Weiss (born 1964), American entrepreneur and politician
  • Jacob Weiss (1750–1839), American Revolutionary War officer
  • Jan Weiss (1892–1972), Czech writer
  • Janet Weiss (born 1965), American rock drummer
  • Jennifer Weiss (politician) (born 1959), American politician
  • Jerry Weiss (born 1946), American musician and member of Blood, Sweat & Tears
  • Jim Weiss (born 1948), American children's audio storyteller and author
  • John Weiss (1818–1879), American clergyman, author, abolitionist and women's rights advocate
  • John-Allison Weiss (born 1987), New York-based indie-pop singer-songwriter
  • Johnny Weiss (born 1963), known as Johnny Hotbody, American professional wrestler
  • Joseph Weiß (1486/87–1565), from German Renaissance family of painters, son of Marx Weiß the Elder, brother of Marx Weiß the Younger
  • Joseph G. Weiss (1918-1969), British scholar of Jewish Mysticism and Hasidism, director of the Institute of Jewish Studies at University College London
  • Joseph Joshua Weiss (1905–1972), Austrian chemist and professor, co-discoverer of Haber–Weiss reaction
  • Joseph Hirsch Weiss (1800–1881), Hungarian rabbi
  • Josephine Weiss (1805–1852), Austrian ballet dancer and dance troupe leader
  • Juleanna Glover, formerly Glover–Weiss (born 1969), American public affairs consultant, lobbyist, political strategist
  • Johannes Weiss (1863–1914), German theologian
  • Julie Weiss (fl. 1975), American film and stage costume designer


  • Lee Weiss (1928–2018), American painter
  • Leopold Weiss, birth name of Muhammad Asad (1900–1992), Austro-Hungarian journalist, political theorist, diplomat and Islamic scholar
  • Linda Weiss (fl. 1988), Australian professor of political science
  • Louis S. Weiss (1894–1950), American lawyer
  • Louise Weiss (1893–1983), French author, journalist, feminist and politician
  • Luigi Weiss (born 1951), Italian ski mountaineer and biathlete



  • Nathan Weiss (1851–1883), Austrian physicist and neurologist
  • Nigel Weiss (1936–2020), South African astronomer and mathematician
  • Norman Weiss (fl. 1940s–??), American talent agent for The Turtles and Tom Jones, arranged The Beatles first American tour










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