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Welcome M1LL10NS
Welcome Millions 2020.jpg
Amazon Prime Release
Directed byMilroy Goes
Written byMilroy Goes
Screenplay by
Produced byManna Mohie
CinematographyYash Sawant
Edited byYash Sawant
Music by
Release date
  • 30 November 2018 (2018-11-30) (Los Angeles)[1][2]
Running time
120 minutes
  • Hindi
  • English
  • Konkani
  • Punjabi

Welcome M1LL10NS, also known as WELCOME MILLIONS, is a 2018 Indian suspense thriller film directed and written by Milroy Goes and produced by Manna Mohie[3] under Manna Mohie Films. The film is set in Goa and tells of the journey of a lazy cop finding a smart criminal. The victim suffers the aftermath, hoping to someday get justice.[4] It is a multi-lingual film featuring Joanne Da Cunha, Sohan Borcar, Les Menezes, and Manna Mohie. It has a post-credit scene filmed in Los Angeles featuring American actress Kathryn Michelle.”[5]

The film was Razak Khan's last film,[6] who died soon after completing the film shoot in Goa in 2016.[5]

The film was released in Laemmle's Music Hall in Los Angeles, United States and was eligible for the 91st Academy Awards,[7][8][9][10][11][12] but was not nominated in any categories.


Alfred D'souza's life changes because of money. A year before 'The Demonetization' that hit India, D'souza is living in a small town, Cuncolim, in Goa, India. D'souza is consumed by his dreams of being rich, but finds himself caught up in a lottery fraud. Due to the backward nature of the Goa cyber crime department his case was closed. A corrupt cop must find a way to reopen the case.


Kishan Mohan of Sapthaa Records in Kochi, Kerala[13] and Mikkel Lentz from Denmark of Michael Learns to Rock, a Danish soft rock band, have contributed to background score and also featuring their song "It's Gonna Make Sense."[5] The promotional song for commercial release is "Welcome Millions" written, composed and sung by Amaan Sheikh and Shashaa Tirupati featuring Raj Shinde. Vinick produced the EDM song.[5][9]

Home media[edit]

It is also available on Amazon Prime and the trailer was released on Mubi.[14]


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