Welcome to the Next Level

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Welcome To The Next Level
Studio album by Dirty District
Released 1995
Recorded Unknown
Genre Metal, rap metal, eclectic
Label Msi/Sriracha
Producer Unknown
Dirty District chronology
Life In The Dirty District
(1993)Life In The Dirty District1993
Welcome To The Next Level
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Welcome To The Next Level is the final EP from Dirty District. "No Head" has a vocal contribution from Miguel, who later performed vocals in Ethnician. "Payback" was a return to the early reggae and punk roots, "Speech Over" is also very Ethnician-esque, complete with a sample from a Steve Biko speech; the next track is a remake of Life In The Dirty District's NY Crap and is more psychedelic and heavier, Hear Them is very a relaxed song and more indie rock inspired, and the closing song is a cover of the Prodigy's "The Horns Of Jericho", which is from their debut, Experience.

Track listing[edit]

  1. No Head
  2. Payback
  3. Speech Over
  4. N.Y Crap
  5. Hear Them
  6. Jericho


  1. ^ http://www.brainkiller.it/prodigy/covers006.html includes cover of Jericho. (NP: it is an incomplete version)